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Sun and Jupiter Conjunction In 7th House

Sun and Jupiter Conjunction In 7th House

Sun or the teacher or the leader is the most worshipped and considered as the soul of a person. It represents the sole purpose of a being. It influences the bravery and vitality of an individual. The sun empowers an individual to fight battles and become victorious over enemies. The sun makes a person generous, creative, and powerful. It also symbolizes how a person leads his life and marks the beginning of his life. Sun gives us the power and immunity to find any kind of situation. It also predicts the spirituality of a person. Therefore, the sun is known as the most powerful celestial body.

Jupiter is also known as the “Guru” or “Brihaspati” in Vedic astrology. Jupiter removes the darkness of life and the evil powers from an individual’s life. Jupiter helps to guide an individual’s life into spirituality. Jupiter and Sun both are fiery and masculine in nature. Jupiter is also meant to bring a good luck charm to an individual’s life. When Jupiter rules over an individual’s life, He can expect a lot of good luck. Positivity and growth also come under Jupiter’s roof.

The conjunction of the planet Jupiter and the sun is one of the most auspicious in astrology. They both are masculine and fiery in nature. They both together fuel an individual’s bravery and luck in life. Both are said to be friends. The conjunction offers an individual wealth and wellness. You can get an astrology phone consultation for more information about Sun and Jupiter conjunction in 7th house.


Positive effects of Sun And Jupiter Conjunction In 7th House


  • The individual may be good-looking and has an innocent look. The individual may be healthy and has fair color. The individual has a good nature. The individual has royalty in his lifestyle. 

  • The individual’s wife may have a strong belief in God. The individual‘s wife may be beautiful. She has good moral conduct in life. The wife may bring in good luck for the individual.

  • The individual is well-known in society and has a good name in society. The individual has self-respect in society.

  • The individual has a keen interest in politics. The individual has the capability of advising people in politics. The individual may be a diplomat in nature. The individual may be active in his work.

  • The individual has good communication skills and can convince a person with his words.


Negative effects of Sun And Jupiter Conjunction In 7th House


  • The individual may be suffering from heart problems. The individual may develop blood cholesterol over time. The individual may also be suffering from cough and abdominal problems.

  • The individual may suffer from marriage issues. The marriage may lack a spark of happiness. The couple may have ego problems between them. The individual may not be able to satisfy his wife. The individual may have an external affair with another woman.

  • The individual may criticize every possible thing around him. 


The individual has been physically seen as having a good personality like good looks, an innocent face, fair color, a good and kind nature, and good communication skills. The person is also a diplomat in nature these qualities make up a good person for marketing and sales. The person needs to focus on his marriage and needs to develop that spark that is needed between a married couple. The marriage can only work out when both couples work it out together and discuss what is going wrong. The individual can earn a good income by working in the government. The individual has a good name and fame in society therefore he should use this tool to influence and help people in a good way. The individual at the same time takes care of one thing which is appreciating the efforts of other people.

For a one-on-one consultation ask our astrologer to get the best potential solution and remedies for the issue. The best part for a person with this conjunction is to believe in things and not take astrology for granted. He should acknowledge the wisdom of his counterpart and respect her individuality. You can ask one question for particular insights.

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