Sun And Jupiter Conjunction In 12th House

Sun And Jupiter Conjunction In 12th House

Sun is one of the most biggest and influential celestial bodies in Vedic astrology. In Gemini astrology is also known as the representation of soul purpose. It is the path shower to all planets as it directs an individual representing his dignity and respect in society.  It gives bravery and vitality to an individual. The sun empowers a native to fight their own battles and become victorious over enemies. The sun makes a person courageous, kind, and strong. Sun gives us the ability to fight any situation and gives us immunity to fight any kind of situation. It also predicts how a person’s spiritual life is going to be. The sun directs and governs all the nakshatras too. Sun also represents the relationship between the father and the sun.

Jupiter being the lord of all planets represents a teacher or guru. Jupiter strikes out the darkness in life and the negative powers from an individual’s life. Jupiter helps to guide an individual into the path of spirituality. Jupiter governs the philosophy and spiritual life of an individual. Jupiter and Sun are both planets that represent natives who will direct and teach the new generation. Jupiter also makes a native fortunate and brings wealth to an individual’s life. When Jupiter rules over an individual’s life, natives can expect a lot of good luck. Jupiter as the planet of wisdom also represents inspirations that one takes in life. Jupiter is also known as the planet of good luck and fortune.

Sun And Jupiter conjunction of the planet Jupiter and the sun is one of the most auspicious in astrology. They both are similar in nature. They are masculine and fiery in nature. They both together fuel an individual’s bravery and luck in life. Both are said to be friends. The conjunction offers an individual wealth and wellness. This conjunction may lead to some mental disorders or some fear about the future. You can get an astrology phone consultation for more information.

Positive Effects of Sun And Jupiter Conjunction In 12th House

  • The native may be working in a government office. The native has got the back support of the government and authority. 

  • The native is kind-hearted and polite. The native has self-respect in society and has good fame.

  • The native believes in helping people in need and may be working for charity purposes. The native may be contributing to a religious charitable organization.

  • The native is close with their father. The native respects his father and has built a comfort zone. The father may be fortunate.

  • The natives are empowered to win any situation and can overcome their enemies. 

  • The native is sensual by nature and has high expectations from the partner.

Negative Effects of Sun And Jupiter Conjunction In 12th House

  • The native has many health problems like eyesight problems, childbirth, and lack of sleep or insomnia. The native may also have migraine. The native may also develop abdominal problems.

  • The native and the father may have differences in opinion. 

  • The native may have immoral and destructive thoughts. The native may be narrow-minded and uses offensive language in arguments. 

  • The native may not have financial stability and may face losses financially. The native is frequently stressed out about money. The native may also face issues with taxes with the government.

  • The native may face criticism from the government due to this conjunction.


The native over here has been seen as having a good personality like kind-hearted, polite, respectful, and many such qualities. The native is really doing some good deeds like charity which is really appreciated in society and people who do charity are greatly blessed. The native is also shown brave as he is victorious over his enemies. The native also needs to prioritize health, as the native may be facing many complications in the eyes and abdomen. The native may face issues with childbirth but the native should not lose hope and keep faith in god that everything will go well. Natives with this conjunction should always keep a journal as they might feel tense due to burdened thoughts and fear about the future. You can ask one question for particular insights.