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Scorpio Sun Aquarius Rising

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Rising

When it comes to your actions and your decisions the Scorpio Sun Aquarius rising personality is independent. These people have their own principles, however, they are also discreet and reserved, which means they are difficult to get to know. Likewise, they can change their behavior according to their surroundings, that is, they also manage to integrate themselves everywhere. When people talk about him, they immediately recognize him by his consistently good mood and happiness.

You are inventive, intelligent, humanitarian, and make a good friend. Although you are short-tempered, you don't hold a grudge for long, and in general, you are a very pleasant person to talk to. You may receive an inheritance, or your family will help you, but as a result, it will prove to be more of a hindrance than a help. You may have differences with a relative, maybe even a brother, which will lead to failure in your business. Your father is probably engaged in agriculture, trading, or cattle breeding. You certainly have access to the most influential sections of society, but you could put yourself at a disadvantage if you join a secret society.

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, you yourself are a wasteful spender. For you, it is impossible to be like everyone else. Mixing in with the crowd? Too little for you. So you spend your time isolating yourself, running away from the norm, the established order, and authority. Under these circumstances, it's hard to settle down, and it's hard to follow you. No matter what, this is how you choose to live your life! The union of these two strong astrological signs makes you rebellious and intentionally provocative. In fact, your relationships are often full of conflict because your frankness hurts. Not everyone can tolerate this strong character. Still, you want to be loved and surrounded. This is not easy when you also know that your Aquarius rising gives you an air that is at best mysterious, at best haughty and cold. So don't hesitate to show how good you are.

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Rising Woman

The combination of Scorpio Sun and Aquarius rising creates a complex and interesting personality. Scorpios are known for their intensity, passion, and depth of emotion, while Aquarius Rising brings a rebellious and unconventional streak into the mix. As an Aquarius, he may have a strong desire for freedom and autonomy. She may be attracted to unique or avant-garde styles, and express herself in creative and unexpected ways. She may also have humanitarian leanings and be interested in social justice issues and progressive causes.

Overall, the combination of the Scorpio Sun and Aquarius rising can result in a woman with a complex, independent, and highly intellectual personality. She can be a bit rebellious, but her passion and intensity will often attract people to her. She can be highly analytical and is interested in progressive causes and ideas, while also valuing her independence and autonomy.

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Rising Man

The Scorpio Sun Aquarius rising man is an interesting and complex individual who exudes a mysterious aura. This combination of signs creates a unique blend of intensity, isolation, and unpredictability. He is a born rebel who values his freedom and independence above everything else. He is highly intellectual, and analytical and is always looking for ways to better himself and the world around him. However, he can also be quite cautious and secretive, preferring to keep his deepest thoughts and feelings to himself. Despite his aloof behavior, this person has intense passion and drive which he directs towards his goals and ambitions. He is a master of change and is not afraid to face his inner demons to achieve personal growth. With his magnetic charisma and unconventional approach to life, the Scorpio Sun Aquarius rising man is a force to be reckoned with.

Scorpio Sun and Aquarius Rising Compatibility

Leo rules this person's seventh house of love; However, Leo can be a tricky combination here. This is because both Leo and Scorpio can be very stubborn and Leo is the opposite of Aquarius. So of course, there can be crazy sexual chemistry.

Like Capricorn, Pisces is also a good pair. Cancer and Taurus can do the work, but it may be difficult because they are so tame, and Aquarius people just want to get out into the world and explore it. Aries can get things done, but heavy and violent arguments can happen. There is a deep friendship with the people of the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Virgo and Gemini, both ruled by Mercury, are not very good matches here, with these Mercury signs possibly feeling abused in the relationship.


Scorpio Sun Aquarius Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, Being interested in representatives of the opposite sex, you are looking for in them not only dignity but also shortcomings and are looking for and suggesting ways to overcome them. People may decide that you are a cold person because you are used to listening, analyzing, and then trying to remake your loved ones in your own way. Anyone who fails to understand you may find you insensitive. You are capable of loving passionately and sincerely until old age. You'll probably have a small family (and possibly even twins). There will be a lot of problems related to children, especially the first child, who will need special care for two years. Your family will travel a lot, and if you are male, your wife will be from an artistic or aristocratic family. Your married life will be long and happy.

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, In general, you are distinguished by strong health and moderation in habits, but you may suffer from nervous disorders. This combination of signals also affects the condition of the blood, which often slows down blood circulation, which is manifested in the fact that your hands and feet are often cold. These parts of the body are particularly vulnerable to diseases, and their condition should be carefully monitored. You may suffer from shin cramps as well as stomach ailments, nerve pain, and brain infections.

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you have some literary and artistic abilities, which could make you a good writer, musician, or theater actor. Secret methods of research in esoteric science, philosophy, or experimental science may attract you. Your achievements will be the result of your ability, but your financial situation may be quite unstable. You may face serious obstacles on the path to prosperity; Secret enemies may hatch a conspiracy. You will have multiple sources of income and your profession will be hidden in secrecy. You can work in the field of chemical research, military or government service, and can also become a spy. You will definitely have to do a lot of travel related to finance, business in the field of land ownership, as well as family or father living abroad. Presumably, you will grow old away from home.

You are very active in your work. You like to take on several initiatives at the same time. So, once you are at work, you like to get to the point. Your love for exploration makes you an intelligent person. Then you are a versatile person, able to fit into any professional environment. As a Scorpio with Aquarius man, you are successful when you work as part of a team. Having full agreement from all your coworkers, you know how to motivate them. You are fond of travel, hotels, restaurants, human resources, computers, fashion, and telephony.


It should always be pleasant to believe that you are right. At least sometimes you are very satisfied with your self-confidence. But from time to time you can make terrible mistakes and fall from the heights of your confidence to the ground. You lack flexibility and never learn from past mistakes. You are fond of work and your personal life becomes a victim of your excessive ambitions. But you are so focused on achieving success that it easily slips away from you. Look carefully at the real world and understand that you cannot always achieve your goal. If you want to know more about Scorpio Sun Aquarius rising then talk to astrology.

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