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Saturn Mahadasha for Gemini Ascendant

Saturn Mahadasha for Gemini Ascendant

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and it shares a nearly friendly relationship with Saturn. Here Saturn influences the judgment of a person as Mercury is the significator of intelligence. Such people are sometimes deceitful. It also makes the person a victim of addiction. These people sometimes become mean and selfish. There is a lack of stability and organization in the lives of these people. They lead quite a messy lifestyle.

Saturn in Gemini also makes the person narrow-minded. This position of Saturn also makes the native interested in chemical and mechanical science. Such people are quite methodical and logical in their approach. They have an extraordinary ability to reason. They are very determined and have good problem-solving skills. They always take steps only once they are sure of the result. They never panic in critical situations and face problems in a calm and collected manner. However, they face difficulty in processing new information. Discussion helps them to understand things better and come to conclusions.

Result of Saturn Mahadasha for Gemini Ascendant

Saturn is the ruler of the eighth and ninth house in Gemini ascendant. Being the lord of the eighth house, it is responsible for the disease, life, age, cause of death, mental anxiety, sea voyage, atheist ideology, in-laws' house, misfortune, poverty, laziness, prison visit, hospital, ghost, ghost, magic, etc. It happens. On the other hand, being the ruler of the ninth place, it is responsible for the subjects of religion, virtue, fortune, guru, Brahmin, deity, pilgrimage, devotion, fortune, migration, father's happiness, charity, etc.

Saturn is the lord of the 8th and 9th house in a Gemini ascendant. Being the 8th ruler, it causes illness, life, age, the reason for death, mental anxiety, travel, atheistic thoughts, in-laws' house, misfortune, poverty, laziness, secret place, and hospital. , Chirfad operation, ghosts, witchcraft, severe sorrows of life and being Navamesh, this religion, virtue, fortune, guru, brahmin, deity, pilgrimage, devotion, mental instinct, fortune, modesty, penance, migration, father's Represents subjects like happiness, pilgrimage, charity, people. A strong and auspicious Saturn gives a lot of auspicious results while a weak or malefic Saturn gives inauspicious results in the above-mentioned subjects.

Positive Effects of Saturn Mahadasha for Gemini Ascendant

Gemini is the friendly sign of Saturn. Therefore, in the Mahadasha of Saturn, luck gives full support, and there is progress in the profession. Younger siblings, wives, and business partners get benefits. Professional life gets better after marriage. Such a person gets the full support of money, family, and family. The person talks with good speech and justice. Gets the happiness of mother, house, vehicle, and land. Obstacles are removed, and elder siblings get support. The person is very hardworking. The luck of the person favors him only after a lot of hard work. Your younger sister's yoga is formed. Stomach upset, weak memory, and weak determination, children have to face many difficulties. Does not get along with their father, are a wasteful expenditure, and travel abroad. The natives get the happiness of land or property, a paternal house, and a vehicle. If the work is related to Saturn then it is in a better condition. Vijayashree comes in hand in competition, victory in a court case.

The sum of a daughter is formed. Suddenly there is a situation of profit. The memory of the person is very good. The sum of love marriage is made. Relationships with wife and partners remain sweet. Relations with elder brothers and sisters remain sweet, there is a possibility of completing of desired work. Money and family support remain.

Such a person is a devotee of his father and is fortunate. If you work under your father, you get more benefits and travel abroad. The person is very hardworking, and victorious in the competition. Due to being selfish, the work of the person goes very well. Foreign settlement is formed. You get the happiness of land, a house, and a vehicle. All the benefits related to the seventh house are received.

Negative Effect of Saturn Mahadasha on Gemini Ascendant

If the Buddha is weak or not in an auspicious position, the results are negative even after putting in a lot of effort. There is no way to return the loan, wasteful expenditure, there is a hindrance in every work. There is an obstacle in every work of the person, and tension remains. The family does not support them. Work stops. The child gets trouble from /. Memory becomes weak. In the case of opposite Raja Yoga, the result should be known as auspicious. The person does not support justice by coming in the low zodiac sign Aries. Being located here, there is trouble with elder brothers and sisters. There is a possibility of getting a daughter, memory is very weak, and her determination power is not strong. Obstacles don't take the name of being removed. There is a possibility of foreign settlement, work comes to a standstill, court cases go on, and unnecessary expenses are incurred. The family doesn't get support, speech is very bad. The person is an atheist and remains angry with his father.


Saturn is the lord of the eighth and ninth house in this birth chart. Aquarius, which is the original triangle sign of Saturn, comes in the original triangle houses of this horoscope. Saturn is the best friend of Lagnesh Mercury. For these reasons, Saturn is a yoga factor in this Lagna Kundli. In Vedic astrology, Saturn, the giver of the fruits of action, is reputed as a sinful and cruel house. In the Gemini Ascendant Kundli, slow-moving Saturn is the eighth lord and ninth lord. According to Astrology Phone Consultation, after analyzing the horoscope, Blue Sapphire can be worn in this Ascendant Kundli (in Mahadasha of Saturn). Only after proper analysis of the Kundli, a decision is taken regarding the measures that the said planet is to be strengthened with gems, the effect of the planet is to be reduced by donation, the water flow of certain elements is to pacify the planet or the said planet is to be chanted by chanting mantras. One has to get protection by getting His blessings.

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