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Saturn in Pisces Ascendant

Saturn in Pisces Ascendant

The results obtained from the planets in the birth chart are affected due to many reasons. It is well known that the fruits of the planet are obtained in Dashas. Since many planets have two zodiac signs each. In such a case, the fruits of which zodiac sign will be received first during the Dasha period. To know this, the first study of the planet's Mooltrikon zodiac is done. Now what kind of fruits can these be? In this work, the position, conjunction, and vision of the planet lord of the zodiac play the most important role. Planetary results are also affected by the effects of other planets forming a relationship with this planet. The planets are auspicious, or inauspicious, whenever an auspicious planet sees it. There is an increase in their auspiciousness. But when the inauspicious planet has a visual effect, the inauspiciousness of the planet only increases. All the houses in Kundali have their own importance.


Saturn in all 12 Houses for Pisces Ascendant


Saturn in 1st house Pisces Ascendant


If there is Saturn in the ascendant house of Pisces ascendant, then there may be some deficiency in the physical beauty of the person. A person may have to face a decrease in health during childhood. There is also a possibility of a decrease in the happiness of his siblings. But this yoga increases the might of a person. Due to Saturn being in the first house, the married life of a person can be somewhat troublesome. This yoga also brings obstacles to the business sector. There is a possibility of a person's relationship with the father not being cordial.


Saturn in 2nd house Pisces Ascendant


The person may face difficulties in financial fields. There is a possibility of a decrease in his family's happiness. Income can be of the normal level. Pisces Ascendant native has to work harder to be successful.


Saturn in 3rd house Pisces Ascendant


There are chances of more ups and downs in a person's life. One may have to struggle in the education of the individual. The fate of the person does not fully cooperate. The income and expenditure of the person are more.


Saturn in 4th house Pisces Ascendant


There may be a decrease in the family happiness of the person. His enemies may be strong. And problems may have to be faced due to enemies. Court-court may have to be faced. Success is achieved at a slow pace in livelihood. There is a possibility of profit from foreign places for the person.


Saturn in 5th house Pisces Ascendant


There may be obstacles in the education sector. But this inauspiciousness can be given less by hard work. There may be ups and downs in the field of business. There is a lack of sweetness in the relationship of a person with his life partner.


Saturn in 6th house Pisces Ascendant


One gets success in maintaining influence over enemies. Court- The person gets victory in the subjects of the court. There is also a possibility of getting happiness from brothers and sisters. With self-confidence, a person can be successful.


Saturn in 7th house Pisces Ascendant


The native gets mixed results in business. There may be a decrease in the marital happiness of the native. There are also chances of reduction in health. As a result of this, the sum of the loss of honor of the person is formed. Expenses are more. Matters of land, buildings,s, etc. can increase the worries of the person.


Saturn in 8th house Pisces Ascendant


Chances of success are created only by working hard. Differences remain with the person's father. There may be obstacles in government work. There may be a decrease in wealth accumulation. A person may face obstacles in their education field. Troubles can also be caused due to children.


Saturn in 9th house Pisces Ascendant


This yoga increases the religious faith of the person. They get the support of luck. But in order to get the support of luck, one has to maintain efforts. You may have to take a loan. Their influence on the enemies remains. This yoga is normal for livelihood.


Saturn in 10th house Pisces Ascendant


A person does not get complete happiness and cooperation from his father. Expenses are likely to increase. Problems persist in business. There may be trouble in married life. The issues of house and land can increase the suffering of a person. There is an increase in the social prestige of the person. Benefits can also be increased by working hard.


Saturn in 11th house Pisces Ascendant


Excellent income opportunities are created. A person can get benefits from foreign places. But his reputation may get hurt. A person can be very ambitious about money. which is not correct. Due to this, there is a possibility of the person's family and other relations not being sweet. It is beneficial for a person to give up the feeling of ego by nature. For the increase in happiness, one should not work with selfishness.


Saturn in 12th house Pisces Ascendant


There is an increase in the expenditure of the person. You can get benefits from foreign places. There may be problems in the accumulation of money in the person. Enemies of the native can be strong. A person's success may be hindered by enemies.


Saturn in Pisces ascendant gives positive and negative effects in all the twelve houses. To know the effect of Saturn in all the houses of Kundali, talk to the astrologer.

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