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Saturn in Leo Ascendant

Saturn in Leo Ascendant

In order to know the results of any planet with Vedic astrology, a complete analysis of the position of the planet is done. All the planets give auspicious results when they are in certain houses and the position of planets in some houses can give auspicious results of medium level. Apart from this, the position of the planets in some special houses of the horoscope is said to give unfavorable results. Similarly, if all the planets are in their own sign, friend, or exalted sign, then they have the ability to give auspicious results. If it is an even sign, it gives mixed results. Or if they are in an enemy zodiac, zodiac sign, then they are unable to give auspicious results. Due to many other reasons, the results obtained from the planets are affected.


Saturn in all 12 Houses for Leo Ascendant


Saturn in 1st house Leo Ascendant


Due to the hostile relationship between Sun and Saturn, the lord of Leo Ascendant, if it is situated in the Ascendant house in this zodiac, then the person may have health-related problems. This yoga gives normal results for livelihood. And when Saturn is in the first house, there are chances of a person not having a favorable relationship with their life partner. Due to this the mental problems of the person may increase.


Saturn in 2nd house Leo Ascendant


If Saturn is in the second house, Virgo, a person may have to face difficulties in matters of land and building. There may be a decrease in the health of his life partner. With the effect of this yoga, cooperation will be received in money-related matters. And there can also be possibilities of increasing wealth. When this yoga occurs, one should try to maintain a cordial relationship with his mother. You may have to work harder than usual in the field of livelihood. There is also a possibility of the workload being more.


Saturn in 3rd house Leo Ascendant


There may be expenditure more than the income of the person. Due to this, the person may have problems with accumulation. They get the support of their brothers in the work. Possibilities of success and progress are created for a person through valor and effort. And due to not being auspicious for the education sector, this yoga can give obstacles to the person in this field. Problems can also come from children.


Saturn in 4th house Leo Ascendant


Saturn in the fourth house of Leo Ascendant gives favorable results to the person in the field of business and livelihood. But due to this yoga, there may be a decrease in the health of the person. There is a possibility of getting decisions in your favor in matters related to land or house. By making efforts, success is achieved in completing the plans of these subjects.


Saturn in 5th house Leo Ascendant


The person gets success in the field of education. Due to the influence of Saturn, children can be obtained late. The person gets less happiness from the father. On many occasions, there may also be a lack of support from the father. The relationship of a person with his life partner remains sweet. Changes may have to be made in the livelihood sector many times. With intelligence and cleverness, a person can be successful in increasing their accumulation.


Saturn in 6th house Leo Ascendant


Problems remain in daily activities. Shortfalls in cash for day-to-day expenses may have to be faced many times. The influence of a person remains on his enemies. Through hard work, a person gets progress. But the person of this yoga may experience a decrease in the happiness of their younger brothers and sisters.


Saturn in 7th house Leo Ascendant


The chances of getting happiness and cooperation from parents are less. A person may get into trouble with their life partner. They may have to go through a situation of obstacles in their business. Due to yoga, the luck of a person also increases at a slow pace. They may have to face more struggles in life.


Saturn in 8th house Leo Ascendant


If Saturn is in the eighth house of the Kundali of Leo ascendant, then one should try to keep up with the times. Being too conservative is not right for them. This yoga can hamper the income of the person. To overcome these obstacles, a person should increase their hard work.


Saturn in 9th house Leo Ascendant


It can give obstacles and troubles to a person again and again in life. Saturn in the house of fortune can cause a moderate decrease in the health of the person. There are chances of them not having a cordial relationship with their life partner. There can be fights. This yoga of Saturn is not unfavorable for income.


Saturn in 10th house Leo Ascendant


The relationship of a person with his father gives the possibility of not being cordial. When Saturn is situated in the tenth house in the Kundali of Leo Ascendant, then it should strictly follow the legal rules and taxes. A person's expenses may be more. By increasing effort and hard work, they can achieve success in the field. As a result of this, a mixed effect remains in the married life of the person. Due to the influence of Saturn, there may be a decrease in the happiness of their own mother.


Saturn in 11th house Leo Ascendant


A person's income increases at a slow pace but for a long period. There are problems in his married life. There can be profit after loss at the beginning of the business. When in a job, a person can get benefits by making full efforts.


Saturn in 12th house Leo Ascendant


The relations with people outside the family of the person are not to remain sweet. There are chances of getting hurdles in business. They may have to face difficulties in accumulating money. There are benefits in the field of income.


Saturn exerts positive and negative effects on Leo's ascendant. To know more about Saturn in Leo Ascendant, talk to Astrologer.

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