Saturn in Aries Ascendant

Saturn in Aries Ascendant

In astrology, all the planets are not going to give equal results to everyone. As it is well known that all the planets give results according to their position, conjunction, and vision in the birth chart. While analyzing the results obtained from a planet, along with all these things, the planet's friend, foe, equal sector, exalted position, low position, and planetary position should also be considered. Saturn is also a planet out of the total nine planets. Saturn is a slow-moving planet. Therefore, the fruits obtained from Shani are obtained for a long period. Saturn stays in one sign for about two and a half years. But this does not mean that for the whole two and a half years, a person gets only one fruit. Or else the same events happen in the life of a person affected by Saturn.


Saturn in all 12 Houses for Aries Ascendant


Saturn in 1st house Aries Ascendant


If Saturn is situated in the first house of a person's birth chart i.e. body house, then he is in the sign of his enemy Mars. In this situation, due to the influence of Saturn, there is a decrease in the respect and prestige of the person in the field of income. They may also have to face some troubles due to government rules. Yogas are formed for a person not having a cordial relationship with their younger siblings. There are chances of not getting failure even in the works done with might. But in married life, cooperation and affection are received from the father. In order to achieve success in the field of livelihood, the relation of Saturn with the tenth house gives general obstacles, along with giving progress.


Saturn in 2nd house Aries Ascendant


If Saturn is situated in the second house in a person's birth chart, then as a result of this yoga, there are possibilities of getting success in the financial field. In Kundali, Saturn is in the second house in the sign of its friend Venus. Saturn in a friend's zodiac can give chance to the person to benefit from archeological subjects. Due to this, the person can give problems related to mother and land. This yoga increases the income of the person.


Saturn in 3rd house Aries Ascendant


In the third house of the Kundali, Saturn increases the might of a person by being in the mighty house. The person who has this yoga in his horoscope, that person gets happiness and cooperation from his brothers and sisters. Benefits are received from the father. There is an increase in expenses in the subjects of education and children.


Saturn in 4th house Aries Ascendant


Unsatisfactory success can be achieved by mother and in land-related works. The person gets cooperation from the father, growth in business, and prestige. There is a possibility of a decrease in the health of the person.


Saturn in 5th house Aries Ascendant


In this house of the birth chart, Saturn gives success to the person in the field of intelligence. But there is a possibility of a person having differences with his child. They can get profit in business with the help of a life partner. The income of the person is good and the relations with the family are also good.


Saturn in 6th house Aries Ascendant


Saturn in the sixth house gives a person differences from their father. There are chances of getting hurdles in government work. Due to this, the person gets a good income, and victory over enemies. This yoga is not favorable for health. The person's expenses can be high and there can be a tense relationship with the neighbors. Helps in maintaining the courage and influence of the person.


Saturn in 7th house Aries Ascendant


Profits in business benefit from father also, happy married life but general problems remain in the life of the planet. The person's health is moderate, there is a decrease in domestic and land-related pleasures. With this house, Saturn can decrease the luck of the person.


Saturn in 8th house Aries Ascendant


Person income is less, profit from the father, money after hard work, expenditure on family, there are chances of obstacles in education and children subjects. There may be a delay in the accumulation of the individual.


Saturn in 9th house Aries Ascendant


There may be obstacles in the beginning and an increase later in the advancement of luck. A person increases his wealth, financial status, and wealth through their effort. Victory over enemies, increase in courage and influence.


Saturn in 10th house Aries Ascendant


There can be special benefits from the father, an increase in expenses, and a decrease in health. Chances of not having a cordial relationship with neighbors are created. There can be trouble from building, mother, and land. Business gets support. There is also an increase in the means of material comforts.


Saturn in 11th house Aries Ascendant


Increase in income benefits from government sectors, chances of getting diseases, obstacles in the field of education, there may be a decrease in the health of children. But problems remain in daily life.


Saturn in 12th house Aries Ascendant


Expenditure of money may be more, there may be a decrease in the health of the father. Government regulations can cause problems. Family members may suffer. There are obstacles in the progress of luck. Its influence remains on the enemy side.


Saturn in Aries ascendant gives results according to its position. Talk to Astrologer to know more about Aries Ascendant.

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