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Saturn in Aquarius Ascendant

Saturn in Aquarius Ascendant

There is a total of nine planets in astrology. And all the planets have their own characteristics. To consider the fruits of the planet, first of all, the auspiciousness and inauspiciousness of the planet are determined. According to the general rules of astrology, auspicious planets give auspicious results when they are in Kendra Tikona's house. On the contrary, if inauspicious planets are in other houses besides this, then they are said to be auspicious. If the Ascendant is in the Ascendant house, then the Lagna Bhava gets strength. Similarly, the placement of the Ascendant in the sacral house can cause a decrease in the health of a person. Saturn is said to be the karaka planet of age. If Saturn is related to this house, there is a possibility of an increase in the age of the person. Similarly, the relation of Jupiter with the money houses increases the wealth of the person.


Saturn in all 12 Houses for Aquarius Ascendant


Saturn in 1st house Aquarius Ascendant


If Saturn is in the ascendant house in the horoscope of Aquarius ascendant, then there is an increase in the health and happiness of the person. Self-confidence also increases. Due to yoga, there is a reduction in the financial problems of a person. Expenses may be high. One should beware of accidents when this yoga is in the horoscope. There are chances of marital life not being happy. The business sector may also be disrupted. But cooperation can be obtained from subordinates.


Saturn in 2nd house Aquarius Ascendant


To accumulate wealth, a person may have to work very hard. You get the happiness of the motherland etc. There may be a desire to earn income from the business. a person may have to face problems in this area.


Saturn in 3rd house Aquarius Ascendant


There is an increase in the power of a person. After the obstacles of education, there are chances of achieving success. The person is interested in the works of religion. Along with this, there is also a possibility of an increase in expenses.


Saturn in 4th house Aquarius Ascendant


If Saturn is placed in the fourth house of the horoscope of Aquarius ascendant, then the person may lack in the happiness of the motherland. His health remains fine. Enemies can be strong. With troubles in business, a person moves towards success. With intelligence and hard work, a person gets a high position in society.


Saturn in 5th house Aquarius Ascendant


A person may face some difficulties in achieving success in the field of discipline. There may be obstacles in business. There is a possibility of a decrease in the income of the native. Saving money is also not easy.


Saturn in 6th house Aquarius Ascendant


Progress through hard work, enemies become powerful. Due to the high sense of compassion in a person, a person is not harsh on their enemies. By nature, a person is very worried.


Saturn in 7th house Aquarius Ascendant


There are ups and downs in luck. Prestige is earned. But after some time it also decreases. There are minor problems in the married life of the native.


Saturn in 8th house Aquarius Ascendant


The person may have incurable diseases. Long-term diseases can also occur. Accidents should be avoided while using vehicles. Incidents like theft can happen in business. The education sector may be disrupted. Debts increase the chances of suffering.


Saturn in 9th house Aquarius Ascendant


Hard work opens the way to progress. Luck favors you. Due to the lack of sweetness in nature, the problems of a person increase.


Saturn in 10th house Aquarius Ascendant


Success can be achieved after hard work. Expenses may be high. But this yoga can increase the happiness of a person.


Saturn in 11th house Aquarius Ascendant


Income may decrease. The person is successful in increasing income through his self-confidence and morale. Chances of attainment of prestige are created. There is an increase in the material pleasures of a person.


Saturn in 12th house Aquarius Ascendant


The expenses of the native may be more. There may be a decrease in wealth accumulation. The person may suffer from enemies. There is also the possibility of increasing loans. This yoga increases the religious faith of the person. There is an abundance of happiness in the life of a person.


Saturn has positive and negative effects in all the houses in Aquarius ascendant. Talk to Astrologer to know more about Aquarius Ascendant

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