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Remedies to Remove the Effects of Weak Venus in Kundli

Remedies to Remove the Effects of Weak Venus in Kundli

Venus is the cause of wife, material happiness, Kamashastra, music, ornament vehicle, splendor, poetic interest, and all the happiness-giving things of the world. Venus is very important in our life. If Venus is strong then almost every happiness is achieved. If Venus is in Dhanbhav then the marriage of the native takes place at the age of 19 to 22 years. If Venus is in Panchambhav and Rahu is in Chaturtha Bhav, then the marriage of the native takes place at the age of 31 to 33 years. The closer Venus is to marriage, the sooner marriage takes place. If Venus and Mars are in a marriage, fourth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth, then the love marriage of the native takes place. If Venus is in the sixth price with Mars, then man is Kami. If Venus is in Gemini or Libra then both men and women are lustful.

Weak Venus in Female Horoscope

Weak Venus in a woman's horoscope makes a woman infertile. As a remedy, feed two kilos of potatoes colored with turmeric to a cow, make it consume honey, fennel, or Indian sugar, and avoid adultery. Venus makes a woman inclined towards pleasures and luxuries in life. This leads the person to fraud, theft, or accidents. As a solution, the person should respect his wife and avoid flirting with other women.

Weak Venus in Male Horoscope

If Weak Venus in Male Horoscope then he falls in the company of bad people. Such a person may also adopt bad habits like alcohol, drugs, etc. and the man also has to face poverty. As a solution, a man's wife should never remain barefoot.

Deadly Effects of the Weak Venus


    • Eye disease occurs if the owner of the sixth price is in the eighth price along with Venus.

    • If Venus is lower then the woman has intercourse with men other than her husband.

    • If Mercury and Venus are in the seventh price then there is a woman in life and if Saptamesh and Dritiyesh are with Venus or sin planets are located in the sixth, eighth and twelfth price then one woman dies and another gets married.

    • If Venus is in the sixth, eighth, twelfth, and sin planets in the horoscope and is present then the person has to face many diseases related to Venus.

    • Weak Venus gives rise to physical weakness, delay in marriage, infamy from secret relationships, urinary tract diseases, and failure in love.

    • If you are not in love with beauty and health then your Venus is weak. If your understanding of beauty is a little weak, accept that your Venus is also weak.

    • If you have no interest in art culture but do nothing yourself and criticize the work of others more, don't praise, then assume that your Venus is having a negative effect.

    • If your ambition to live a luxurious, luxurious life is fulfilled and you are not satisfied with life, then accept that your Venus is bearing inauspicious fruit.

    • If things are scattered in your house, things are always scattered in the kitchen, then understand that your Venus is inauspicious.

    • If you buy expensive things but can't maintain them properly, your Venus is very bad.

  • If Venus is weak then you often get into an accident while driving.


Remedies to Remove Effects of the Venus in Life 


    • Foods made of rice, sugar, milk, and ghee should be eaten to strengthen the planet Venus. Venus should be avoided in case of health problems.

    • On Friday Om Shu Shukraya Namah mantra should be changed.

    • People whose venus is weak are advised to fast at least 21 times on Friday. This fast strengthens Venus and also bestows the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.

    • Those who have weak Venus are advised to wear diamonds. Diamond also helps to strengthen the planet Venus in the horoscope.

    • Donate white sandalwood, white rice, white clothes, white flowers, silver, ghee, curd, sugar, Dakshina, etc. to the bride.

  • Those whose Venus is weak should wear a silver bracelet or topaz necklace around their neck. Wearing a Diamond also gives good results.


According to astrology predictions, Venus is considered an auspicious planet. If Venus is not strong then a person cannot lack fame, wealth, and beauty in life. When Venus is strong in the horoscope, happiness and prosperity come in life, but if it is weak then most of the time it is of wealth. Along with this, the person also has to face financial, physical, and mental problems.

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