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Remedies to Remove the Effects of Weak Sun in Kundli

Remedies to Remove the Effects of Weak Sun in Kundli

The sun is not only the king of the planets, but if the sun is happy then his life becomes like a king and if the sun is weak in one's horoscope then he is forced to wander here and there. The Sun in the horoscope represents the soul and the father. The Sun itself gives birth to other planets and the proximity and distance of the planets from the Sun also causes them to set. The Sun is also considered to be the representative planet of the ancestors in the horoscope. If there is a vision of one or more evil planets on the Sun, then Pitru Dosha is formed in that horoscope. The planet is the cause of one's livelihood, government position, and job. Surya Mantri is a disciplined person in the field, holding a high position.

Weak Sun in Female Horoscope

Weak Sun in Female Horoscope then faces health problems. your relations with family members will be affected. Relations with members and friends will be bad. Sun indicates conflict and discord with your husband.

Weak Sun in Male Horoscope

A weak Sun in Male Horoscope can then create problems with land and owned properties. Sun will cause insomnia, restlessness, fatigue, and stress in you. Common side effects of Surya include heart problems, high blood pressure, or irregular blood circulation. The weak Sun also disturbs your happiness and peace.

Deadly Effects of the Weak Sun


Sun is predominant in the Leo zodiac sign in the twelve zodiac signs. Leo is their own zodiac sign. The friendly planets are Mars, Moon, and Jupiter. The enemy planets of the Sun are Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. On the Sun when there is a vision of these enemy planets or there is an enemy planet with the Sun. If the ominous sun is running in his life then the person has to suffer a lot. Different fruits are found in the horoscope due to the Sun being ominous on different signs.


  •  If the sun is inauspicious, then the father dies in infancy. Also, their own offspring will die soon.

  • The inauspicious sun makes a person greedy. In temptation, he deceives his own people.

  • The inauspicious sun compels a person to steal from the house again and again.

  • The inauspicious sun gives eye disease to a person with whom his fortune does not accompany.

  • The inauspicious sun gives trouble to the person from the spouse.

  • The inauspicious sun does not give offspring happiness to a person. Children do not listen to her so they have to endure insults.

  • The inauspicious sun gives skin disease to a person.

  • The inauspicious sun destroys one's reputation.

  • The inauspicious sun makes a person short-lived, and the government position slips out of his hands.

  • When there is no vision of an auspicious planet, inauspicious sun shortens the life of a person.

  • A person is mentally distracted by a vehicle or machinery.


Remedies to Remove Effects of the Sun in Life


  • If the sun is giving inauspicious fruits in the horoscope, then the salt intake should be reduced first. This means not eating salt from above.

  • Also, eat unsalted food every Sunday. This person should consume more of the swallowed thing.

  •  Donate coconut oil, mustard oil, and almonds to a religious place for the sun.

  • Serve mothers. Donate to the needy and blind on Sundays.

  • Do not take silverware as a gift for the inauspicious sun. 

  • If the sun is bad, do not wear black and blue clothes.

  •  Keep up the religious work.


Try the above remedies can take online astrology consultation for more and more guidance. Astrology can tell the position of the Sun by reading your Kundli.

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