Remedies to Remove the Bad Effects of the Weak Rahu From Your Life

Remedies to Remove the Bad Effects of the Weak Rahu From Your Life

Based on the planet we can know our progress, education, job, happiness, and everything. One of the planets is also called the sinful planet and that planet is Rahu. If Rahu is weak or in a bad position in the horoscope, it causes a lot of trouble. Rarely will anyone tell you this about Rahu in general? Just based on your horoscope, Rahu will give you an advantage and the disadvantage will be understood immediately. Rahu in astrology is seen as a shadow planet. It has been termed as an evil planet and Rahu is believed to be non-existent.


Deadly Effects of the Weak Rahu


  • If your memory seems to be weakening, this is an ominous sign that Rahu's bad move is going on.

  • If a person repeatedly sees a dead snake around the house, this is an ominous sign of Rahu.

  • Understand that Rahu is sitting in an ominous house in your horoscope.

  • Understand that it is an ominous sign of Rahu when there is a rift between the family members or a quarrel. In that Rahu will create problems in your life and increase your problems.

  • If Rahu is weak then stomach-related problems occur. The body becomes swollen. Muscle and knee pain occurs.

  • People have to work hard to succeed.

  • Sleep is blown away while sleeping at night. In such a situation the person suffers from Rahu's guilt.

  • If there is a shadow of Rahu in the horoscope, the work done by the person also starts to deteriorate, although in some cases it is also auspicious.

  • If Rahu is bad then the native has a problem with mental stress.

  • Economic loss, poor memory, loss of things, anger, bitterness in speech, fear, and increase in enemies.

  • Problems like being irresponsible and careless are related.

  • If Rahu is bad, he has to face vehicle accidents, court-office problems


Remedies to Remove Effects of the Rahu in Life 


  • Apply sandalwood or saffron tilak on the forehead after daily pooja to end the wrath of the Rahu planet. Applying sandalwood and saffron tilak will make this planet suitable for you.

  • The planet Rahu can be kept calm by worshiping the coconut tree and watering it.

  • Feeding bananas to elephants will not have a bad effect on your life.

  • Water the Shivling every day. Worshiping Shiva keeps this planet away from your life and you do not have any trouble because of this planet.

  • Apart from Shiva, worship of Bhairav ​​Maharaj also protects us from Rahu. Milk them while worshiping Bhairav.

  • Fast on Thursday and worship the banana tree. You can also distribute bananas among the poor after pooja.

  • If poor people donate money, the damage caused to the planet can be avoided.

  • Reading Hanuman Chalisa can save you from this planet.

  • Worship Shanidev on Saturday as well as Rahu. Apart from this look at your face in oil and donate this oil.


If Rahu is having a bad influence on a person, he has to face many difficulties. Such a person remains Darrell. This person is afraid to even of small things. The confidence of these people also decreases. If this happens to you, you can talk to astrologers for advice.