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Remedies to Remove the Effects of Weak Moon in Kundli

Remedies to Remove the Effects of Weak Moon in Kundli

According to astrology, each planet affects a person's life in different ways. When a planet in one's horoscope is weak, the opposite effect is seen on his life. The Moon planet is related to the mind of a person. When the auspicious planets in your horoscope are in a weak state, it is surrounded by many problems in a person's life. According to astrology, each planet bears fruit according to its nature. In astrology, the moon is considered to be the factor of the mind and brain. Living in a different place on the moon gives different fruits according to that place.

Weak Moon in Female Horoscope

A Weak Moon in Female Horoscope will protect against stomach-related problems, especially dysentery, sinus and cough, and cold. In the case of a woman, she may have to face obstacles from a man in life.

Weak Moon in Male Horoscope

The position of Weak Moon in Male Horoscope will hinder the person's decision-making, and wrong decisions can create problems later in life. This negative situation creates emotional imbalance or fluctuations in the native's understanding of his love life or his relationship with his children.

Deadly Effects of the Weak Moon


  • If the moon is in a weak position in a person's horoscope, then he becomes a victim of many mental illnesses.

  • The weak Moon in the horoscope of any native first weakens the nature of the person.

  • If the moon is weak then the person gets upset over small things. Get emotional soon.

  • Making wrong decisions is a sign of a weak moon.

  • In such a situation, the native has a cold cough.

  • The problem of blood pressure starts.

  • The weakening of the moon in your horoscope has a direct effect on the mind and brain of the person. As a result, the person’s mind and brain begin to weaken and the person becomes mentally incapable of facing difficulties.

  • When the moon is weak in a person's horoscope, the person starts having diseases related to the kidneys and lungs.

Remedies to Remove Effects of the Moon in Life 


  • Wearing Pearls/Moonstone on the advice of astrologers strengthens the position of the moon. Apart from this, holding a silver bracelet, or ring in the hand also makes the moon strong.

  • Mahadev should be worshiped to make the moon strong.

  • You can do a special pooja to strengthen the moon in Shravan Month.

  • In the meantime start fasting from Shravan Monday and fast on the 16th Monday. Anoint Mahadev every Monday and recite Shiva Chalisa.

  • Placing a small piece of silver in the foundation of the house strengthens the moon. Also, you can put a silver nail in the bed on which you sleep. It also has many advantages.

  • Serving your parents and receiving blessings by touching their feet strengthens both your moon and sun. The scriptures consider the relation of the mother to the moon and the relation of the father to the sun.

  • On Monday, wear white clothes and chant Chandra Mantra Om Sri Sri Sri Sah Chandraya Namah.

  • Also donate a vase full of ghee, curd, white cloth, white pearls, milk, or silver to someone in need. This also strengthens the moon.


If people are strong on the moon then they have good decision-making ability. A strong moon not only enhances a person's functionality but also improves it. Which helps the person to succeed. Therefore, it is very important for the native to have a strong moon in the horoscope. If you want to know if your moon is strong based on your horoscope, you can talk to astrologers.

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