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Remedies to Remove the Effects of Weak Mercury in Kundli

Remedies to Remove the Effects of Weak Mercury in Kundli

Mercury is considered the prince of the nine planets. Mercury is considered to be the son of the god Moon, but this planet considers the moon to be the enemy. This planet is the lord of Virgo and Gemini. The auspicious and inauspicious position of this planet in the horoscope affects our intellect and actions related to education. The planet also affects trade. Mercury is considered to be the factor of intelligence, understanding, and decision-making ability. People who have a strong Mercury, make a name for themselves in the field of jobs, business, and education, and they perform better.

Weak Mercury in Female Horoscope

If Weak Mercury in Female Horoscope then the person suffers from diseases. When Rahu is present in the same house, the person may also have to go to jail. If Mars is also present then the person may face loss in business, blood problems, eye problems, nerve problems, and teeth problems. If Mercury is present in a woman then it gives bad results.

Weak Mercury in Male Horoscope

Due to Weak Mercury in Male Horoscope, one may have to face a financial crisis. When Mercury is bad, your respect and fame start decreasing. The person is not interested in studies and his intellect gets corrupted. Weak or afflicted Mercury makes the person lazy and lethargic. This kind of person can also betray others. You may see rapid changes in your life which may cause some trouble for you.

Deadly Effects of the Weak Mercury


  • If any skin disease arises, it appears on the skin. The outer skin tends to deteriorate when Mercury suffers.

  • The bad mercury planet affects your daily life. Such people are often fooled by others, people are always trying to take advantage of such people. 

  • If the condition of Mercury is very bad then there is a possibility of lung damage. The ominous planet Mercury also sometimes causes numbness or shaking.

  • Due to the inauspicious yoga of Saturn and Mercury, a person suddenly gets into the habit of eating frequently. If this happens, you should give up your habit first. After that, steps should be taken for the peace of Mercury and Saturn.

  • Even minor negligence can cause great harm.

  • The effect is on our intelligence and actions related to discipline.

  • The planet also affects trade.

  •  But those in whose horoscope Mercury is weak, face many problems in jobs or business, and education can also be affected.


Remedies to Remove Effects of the Mercury in Life 


  • Those whose Mercury is weak should donate gold, sapphires, and flowers. But since this is not possible for everyone, you can donate blue clothes, mugs, bronze items, and fruit.

  • You can wear Panna to strengthen the planet Mercury, but for this, you should seek the help of a proper astrologer.

  • Those who cannot wear Panna can also wear Mercury's sub-gem Margaj or Jabarjand.

  • The easiest way to strengthen Mercury is to give green fodder to the cow, consume green cardamom during the day, and plant green trees and shrubs at home. Doing so can also make the planet Mercury stronger.

  • The easiest way is to fast on Wednesday. For this, you should fast at least 17 Wednesdays. On this day, wearing red clothes, one should chant Om Brain Brain Braun Sah  Budhay Namah Mantra 3 times. Doing so strengthens Mercury and brings knowledge and wealth.

  • On Wednesday you should eat unsalted food made from the mug. You can eat mug halva, mung panjiri, mug laddu. 3 leaves of Tulsi should be taken with Ganga water before a meal and only after a meal. Doing so promotes business and health.



You can strengthen Mercury by talking to astrologers so that you too can achieve the desired success in business, job, education, etc. The above measures can be taken to avoid the bad influence of Mercury.

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