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Remedies to Remove the Effects of Weak Jupiter in Kundli

Remedies to Remove the Effects of Weak Jupiter in Kundli

Jupiter is the largest and most influential of the nine planets. If Jupiter in the horoscope is high and strong then the person progresses a lot. Jupiter is also the planet of marital life and destiny. Here are some easy ways to strengthen Jupiter or reduce its faults.

Jupiter is a lucky planet. If Jupiter is strong in the horoscope, the person gets higher sorrow, Succeeds in their career, the economic position remains strong, and marriage is going well. Overall life is blissful. While Jupiter's weakness brings many problems in life.

Weak Jupiter in Female Horoscope

If there is Weak Jupiter in Female Horoscope, then the person may have to face problems related to maternal property. If Jupiter is present in this house, then there may be the destruction of the original family or it may cause problems for the family. She can get profit only through hard work. There will be discord in the family. The person becomes unable to make decisions. Weak Jupiter reduces knowledge. The person becomes a pauper from a king and has to face a financial crisis.

Weak Jupiter in Male Horoscope

If there is a Weak Jupiter in Male Horoscope, then the happiness of the family will be affected. The person may become the cause of destruction. Many times, due to his stupidity he may do wrong things for himself. The person may be stubborn. He may trouble his own family or friends. He may be troubled by his thoughts. The person may have to face defamation due to alcohol or any kind of intoxication.

Deadly Effects of the Weak Jupiter


  • If Jupiter is weak then the person has to face a shortage of money. Their work is often hampered.

  • Even a weak Jupiter brings difficulties in getting an education. In such a situation, the person either has to give up his studies halfway or he cannot study as he wishes.

  • Jupiter also has to struggle in their career due to weakness.

  • Weak Jupiter also has a bad effect on health. In such a condition a person may have problems related to throat, breathing, cough, ears, liver, and bones.

Remedies to Remove Effects of the Jupiter in Life 


  • If Jupiter is weak in one's horoscope, he should fast on Thursday. Yellow clothes should be worn on Thursday. Doing so is considered very auspicious. This makes Jupiter strong in the horoscope.

  • On Thursday, you can chant Om Brin Brihaspataye Nama Mantra. You can make 3 or 5 beads of this mantra.

  • You can donate honey, yellow clothes, turmeric, book, gold, yellow grains, and Pukhraj to make Jupiter strong in Kundli.

  • Fasting on Thursdays increases intelligence and knowledge. The problem of delay in marriage is eliminated.

  • If one's Jupiter is weak, he should wear topaz. You can wear Pukhraj Gemstone after consulting an astrologer.

  • Gold is also worn to strengthen Jupiter.

  • Worship on Thursday with banana tree chickpeas and turmeric. Chant the mantra regularly on Thursday Eat yellow sweets.

  • Wear yellow on Thursdays. You can consume chickpea flour laddu. Add turmeric to the bath water. It is considered very beneficial.

  • Respecting parents and elders make Jupiter stronger.

  • Worshiping Pipal and Brahmaji makes Jupiter strong.


Jupiter People who are weak in their horoscope face many problems. Because Jupiter is considered to be the cause of wealth and knowledge, those in whose horoscope Jupiter is in a weak position are found to have problems like financial problems and obstacles in progress. In order to make Jupiter strong in the horoscope, the above remedies should be done and talk to astrologer should also be consulted for the solution to the problem.

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