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Rahu Mantra: Meaning, Importance, Method, and Benefits

Rahu Mantra: Meaning, Importance, Method, and Benefits

Rahu does not have any physical existence of its own and is a shadow planet, but despite being a shadow planet, maintains its influence on the horoscope. Rahu does not always give inauspicious results, sometimes it also gives auspicious results. From the point of view of health, Rahu sometimes gives such diseases, which are cured late. In its Dasha / Antardasha, the intellect of the person keeps getting confused a bit. Due to the inauspicious effect of Rahu, a person takes many such decisions for which he may have to repent in the future. It becomes difficult for the person to differentiate between right and wrong. Rahu Mantra must be chanted to remove the malefic effects of Rahu. This mantra should be chanted at night. With the help of these important Rahu mantras, you can make Rahu favorable and try your luck.



Rahu Beej Mantra



ॐ भ्रां भ्रीं भ्रौं सः राहवे नमः 

Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhraum Saanha Raahve Namah

Meaning- Om, I bow to Rahu.



Benefits Of Rahu Beej Mantra



Chanting of Rahu Beej Mantra is advised to those people who are facing a lot of hurdles in getting married. It removes all the troubles that come in the way of your marriage. Rahu Mantra is chanted to gain social prestige. Even if your social reputation has been damaged in some way, it can be regained within a few days of meditating on Rahu and chanting Beej Mantra May go. Chanting Rahu Mantra regularly can open your psychic chakra which can also protect you from psychic attacks. If you feel that you, or any of your loved ones, are a victim of black magic, then continuous chanting of the Rahu Beej Mantra can go a long way in avoiding such a situation. There are a lot of politicians who use the Rahu Beej Mantra to achieve that state which they have been envisioning in their minds. It helps them to keep their focus on one thing at a time. Most of the chanting of the Rahu Beej Mantra can protect you and anyone from all kinds of evil spirits and negative energies. It strengthens your aura and it connects you with the energy of the universe.



Rahu Shanti Mantra



ॐ राहवे देवाय शांतिम, राहवे कृपाए करोति

राहवे क्षमाए अभिलाषत्, ॐ राहवे नमो: नम: |

Om Rahuve Devaye Shaantim, Rahuve Kripaaye Karoti;

Rahuaye chamaaye abhilaashat, Om Rahuve Namoh Namah

Meaning- Oh Lord Rahu, I bow to you. You forgive my sins and bless me.



Benefits Of Rahu Shanti Mantra



Rahu Shanti Mantra should be chanted to get rid of the inauspicious effects of Rahu. Chanting Rahu Shanti Mantra brings success in life and removes obstacles.



Rahu Gayatri Mantra



ॐ नागध्वजाय विद्महे पद्महस्ताय धीमहि तन्नो राहुः प्रचोदयात् 

Om Nagadhwajaya Vidmahe Padmahastaya Dheemahi Tanno Rahuh Prachodayat 

Meaning- I bow to the one who has a snake in his flag, who has a lotus in his hand. Please give me wisdom and fill my life with light.



Benefits Of Rahu Gayatri Mantra



Praying to please Rahu leads to victory over enemies and a reduction in diseases caused by Rahu. This Gayatri Mantra is also one of the remedial mantras for Kaal Sarp Dosh. Rahu Gayatri Mantra removes all the harmful effects of the planet Rahu in the horoscope. Rahu Gayatri Mantra provides a sudden opportunity. Rahu Gayatri Mantra removes diseases and evil forces. Rahu Gayatri Mantra can give you sudden wealth and success. Rahu Gayatri Mantra helps in occult sciences and mystical disciplines. Rahu Gayatri Mantra is the luck factor of instant success.



Rahu Mantra Changing Method



Rahu Mantra should be recited 108 times (one rosary) daily to pacify the negative effects of the planet in the horoscope. The ideal number of times to chant Rahu Mantra is 18,000 times within 40 days. The right time is night. You can also worship with blue flowers and sandalwood paste while chanting the name. Chanting can be started on Saturday. You can also place Rahu, Navagraha, Kali, and Durga Yantras at the place where you chant this mantra so that the results get faster. Start chanting from any Wednesday and Saturday. Any mantra of Rahu should be chanted at least 108 times. Please remember to face the north direction while chanting the mantra. Chant these mantras during Rahu Kaal for the best effect.




Rahu Mantra is the most effective mantra to please Rahu. People suffering from Rahu Dosha can chant Rahu Mantra and get relief from the adverse effects of Rahu Dosha. If you also want to know more about the benefits and methods of the Rahu mantra, then talk to astrologers.

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