Rahu Mahadasha for Aries Ascendant

Rahu Mahadasha for Aries Ascendant

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, which is a fiercely masculine planet. Rahu on the other hand is a windy planet so the relationship between Mars and Rahu is not that positive. However, Rahu is a clever planet. It also bestows the native with immense intelligence and a sharp mind.

Aquarius is the eleventh house for Aries ascendant and Rahu is very strong in Aquarius. It gives talkative nature, the person is adept at communication. You can change anyone's mindset with your words. There is a possibility of getting a good career in the field of entertainment. Very few people can see such a quality that they can make others laugh. You can also make a career in the technical field. The future remains bright in terms of money. Good opportunities can also be found in the stock market. But sometimes it can have a negative effect due to which you can get delayed success.

Results of Rahu Mahadasha for Aries ascendant

Rahu is the ruler of the sixth house. It is responsible for the fruits of disease, debt, enemy, insult, worry, doubt, pain, lie, yoga practice, landlordism, moneylender, advocacy, addiction, knowledge, bad addiction, etc. In this, if Rahu is having an auspicious effect in your zodiac, then it will give auspicious results and if it is having an inauspicious effect, then it will give inauspicious results.

Disease, debt, enemy, insult, worry, doubt, pain, maternal condition, untrue speech, yoga practice, zamindari business, moneylender, advocacy, addiction, knowledge, any good bad addiction, etc. are responsible for the fruits of Rahu. If Rahu is having an auspicious effect then auspicious results are obtained and due to Rahu having an inauspicious effect, inauspicious results are obtained.

Positive Effects of Rahu Mahadasha for Aries Ascendant

Those born with Rahu in Aries get unexpected wealth. These people are very firm in the matter of professional life. Their career often progresses because of their hard work and efforts. They struggle to trust people easily and face a lot of confusion in making decisions. His short temper also creates problems in his marital and love life. These people can sometimes be selfish and egoistic as well, due to which their love relationships are also adversely affected. Overall this is the average position of Rahu for a native.

Rahu in the first house for Aries ascendant is in Aries and the house is ruled by Mars. If Mars is in an auspicious position here, Rahu gives good results, but if Mars is in a bad position in the birth chart, then Rahu here can become a source of trouble for the native. If the Moon is in a good position in the birth chart, then Rahu in the fourth house for the Aries ascendant is in a good position. Otherwise, the position of Rahu in the 4th house is not considered good because the 4th house is ruled by the Moon and Moon is the enemy of Rahu.

Due to the presence of Rahu Dev in the eleventh house of Aries ascendant, the person gets the chance of getting wealth. Political honors increase respect. Because of looking at the third house from the fifth point of view, along with making the person mighty hardworking, and courageous, gives happiness to younger brothers and sisters. Let's look at the fifth house from the seventh point of view. Due to this, the person creates some difficulty on the child's side, then problems also arise in education. Looking at the seventh house from the ninth point of view, the married life of the native is gentle and the daily income keeps on increasing.

Negative Effect of Mahadasha of Rahu on Aries ascendant

In the fourth house of Aries ascendant, Rahu Dev is in his enemy sign Cancer. Due to this, the person creates a lot of difficulties in the field of building, land, vehicle, and property. At the same time, if there is a decrease in the resources of happiness, then there is a decrease in the happiness of the mother. From here, his fifth vision of falling on the eighth house causes incurable diseases and mental depression in the native. Looking at the tenth house from the seventh point of view, the obstructions in the royal works create difficulties in the professional works. Seeing the 12th house from the ninth point of view increases the expenses of the hospital, then the extravagance of the person increases a lot.

When Rahu Dev is present in the zodiac sign of his enemy Sun in the fifth house, the person creates a lot of obstacles in education, child side, lottery, and love relationship. Due to seeing his fifth vision in the ninth house from here, the person becomes disturbed by higher education, estrangement from his father, disinterest in religion, and good luck. Due to seeing the 11th house from the seventh vision, the person gets sudden money because he has a friendly sign there. Looking at the Lagna from the ninth point of view, mental depression, and lack of patience makes the person lazy.

The Scorpio sign of Mangal Dev comes in the eighth house of the horoscope of Aries ascendant. And naturally, Rahu Dev becomes lowly in Scorpio. Therefore, incurable diseases and mental depression give further worries and troubles to the native. They also provide difficulties in the field of occult science and archaeology. From here the fifth vision is on the 12th house. Therefore, unnecessary extravagance increases in the life of the native. Hospital expenses remain. The person is unable to collect money. Seeing the second house from the seventh house causes difficulties in collecting money, and Kutum creates discord in the family, due to seeing the fourth house from the ninth house, the native lacks happiness in building and vehicle as well as creates estrangement with the mother.


If Mars is sitting in the ascendant itself or is located in the houses of the center, then the Rahu located here gives benefits to the native in many matters. The person will keep getting windfall money during his lifetime. The person will be spendthrift on himself. The person will continue to get money from somewhere. Whether it is ancestral property or through many other routes, the person will continue to get money. The person will have money. On the contrary, if Mars is placed in the wrong house and Mars is afflicted in the horoscope, then the Rahu located here will give trouble to the native during his lifetime. Due to his behavior, irritable and angry nature, the native will not be able to show his best effect in society. The natives will have to face problems in the field of education. The natives will have problems with having children. There will be trouble with children. There will be a shortage in the happiness of the father. The luck of the native will not support it. The fortune of the native will be weak. If there is a relation of Saturn on the seventh house, then there is a situation of separation in married life. Through Astrology Phone Consultation, you can know in detail about Rahu Mahadasha in Aries ascendant.