Pisces Birthstone - Pisces Lucky Birthstone, Meaning, Benefits & Uses

Pisces Birthstone - Pisces Lucky Birthstone, Meaning, Benefits & Uses

As the lord of Pisces is Jupiter, they must wear Pukhraj/ Yellow Sapphire because Pukhraj is the gem of Jupiter. Being the lord of this zodiac, Jupiter, he is very idealistic. The people of this zodiac are very kind. Pisces people are attractive and become very weak due to carelessness in life. They can express their feelings in front of anyone. They are brave, independent, and impractical. Pisces natives can perform in the field of medicine as they are charitable. They must be successful in their career.


What Is The Pisces Zodiac Sign?


With Jupiter being the lord of the Pisces sign, it is a water element. Due to Jupiter being the lord of this zodiac, the married life of the people of the Pisces zodiac is normal. They never pretend to love their spouse. They are generous towards others. If they do any work, they do it thoughtfully.


What Is The Pisces Birthstone?   


Being the lord of the Pisces zodiac, Jupiter is beneficial for them to wear Yellow Sapphire. Due to the zodiac sign of Pisces being the gemstone Pukhraj, one gets respect. It is very beneficial for the people of this zodiac to wear the gemstone of Jupiter for the interest in religious works and progress in business etc. If you want to get success and happiness in life by pleasing your zodiac planet Jupiter, then wear Pukhraj. It is said about Pukhraj that the people whose Jupiter is weak in their horoscope should wear yellow Pukhraj. Jupiter is the ruling planet of Pisces, so Pisces sign people should wear a ring of Pukhraj.


Lucky Gemstones For Pisces Man


Pisces men should wear the lucky gemstone Pukhraj. If the Pisces man has difficulty talking, then he must wear Pukhraj. From this gem, Spiritual life develops. It gives the increase in knowledge men. Men should wear this gem to get progress in the business. This increases confidence and Helps to get money. Men of this zodiac should not have problems with outsiders, so Pukhraj should is worn.


Lucky Gemstones For Pisces Woman


Pisces women are mysterious. They easily understand others. They worry the most about themselves. To find balance and love in their lives, Pisces women should wear Pukhraj. This stone is very much worn by women so that they get due respect and they stay away from immoral activities by taking interest in religious work.


Benefits Of Pisces Birthstone  


Jupiter is responsible for big events in life, fame, wealth, religion, etc. Therefore one should wear yellow Yellow Sapphire. When Jupiter is weak in this horoscope or Pukhraj should be worn to relieve the discomfort caused by it. If Jupiter is auspicious and you wear Pukhraj then it is more beneficial. If there are obstacles in marriage or relationship then Jupiter should be considered. It is beneficial to wear Yellow Sapphire when marriage does not match. If there are differences in marital life, wearing Pukhraj makes life better. Pukhraj is also helpful in fertility and love marriage. By wearing such, destiny also becomes awake. Man begins to feel capable.


Uses Of Pisces Birthstone       


Pisces people should wear the auspicious gem Yellow Sapphire to avoid the negative effects of Jupiter. Yellow Sapphire should be inlaid in a gold ring and worn while chanting Jupiter on Thursday. Jupiter holds it at an auspicious time in the auspicious constellation of the planet. Yellow Sapphire gemstone provides positivity by removing the negative effects of Jupiter


But astrology should be consulted before seeing the position of Jupiter in the horoscope and holding Pukhraj. According to astrological predictions, only auspicious gems can bring benefits. If you are thinking of wearing Yellow Sapphire then do not wear emerald or diamond with it. Wearing Pukhraj with these gems has side effects.