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Moon in Taurus Ascendant

Moon in Taurus Ascendant

Moon is the third house in the Taurus Ascendant Kundli, there is a malefic planet. In the horoscope of Taurus ascendant, if Moon is strong (stronger than a degree) and is situated auspicious, then most of the results are obtained only inauspicious. If the Moon is not strong in the degree of Moon in this ascendant, then its inauspicious results decrease. Note that it is best to know that the Karak planet is strong in strength and is in an auspicious position and it is best to know that the Marak planet is weak in strength. Only after proper analysis of the Kundali, the decision regarding the remedy is taken that the said planet has to be strengthened with gemstones, the effect of the planet is to be reduced by donation, the planet has to be pacified by the water flow of some elements, or the said planet is to be destroyed by mantra meditation. You have to get protection by getting blessings. Mantra meditation is beneficial for everyone. The native of Taurus Ascendant Kundali should not wear Moon Gemstone under any circumstances. 


Moon in all 12 Houses for Taurus Ascendant



Moon in 1st House Taurus Ascendant


Being here in Taurus, the Moon becomes exalted. In Taurus ascendant horoscope, if there is Moon in the ascendant, then the person is of gentle nature, attractive to look at, emotional, and very hardworking. Can work very well in the creative field. The husband/wife of the person/caste is very beautiful.


Moon in 2nd House Taurus Ascendant


Being in Gemini, the person earns money through hard work. There is a wonderful voice. He overcomes all obstacles with his power of speech. Such a person is able to remove most of the obstacles with his speech.


Moon in 3rd House Taurus Ascendant


Very hard working. The younger sister's yoga is formed. There is a quarrel with the father. Such a person has little faith in God.


Moon in 4th House Taurus Ascendant


The person has to work very hard to get the happiness of land, house, and vehicle. It has also been seen that the mother of the person also has to work hard. It takes hard work to get the job done in a better condition.


Moon in 5th House Taurus Ascendant


The sum of a beautiful daughter is formed. Relations with elder brothers and sisters are not cordial. The person happens to be romantic. Girlfriends/boyfriends of such people are very attractive.


Moon in 6th House Taurus Ascendant


As soon as the person is born, there is a possibility of the mother becoming ill. The mother remains ill during the Mahadasha of the moon. The person feels that there is a lack of facilities. The court case, hospital cost. The fear of accidents remains.


Moon in 7th House Taurus Ascendant


The spouse of the native is very attractive. Here the Moon comes in a debilitated sign, one has to suffer loss in partnership business.


Moon in 8th House Taurus Ascendant


Due to the eighth house, there is a hindrance in all the work of the person, the fruits of hard work are not available, and mental problems increase. Sometimes the person becomes a victim of depression. Even family members are not able to help such a person.


Moon in 9th House Taurus Ascendant


The person is not a believer and a paternal devotee. There is also a decrease in profit from traveling abroad.


Moon in 10th House Taurus Ascendant


The person works very hard. Happiness increases only after hard work.


Moon in 11th House Taurus Ascendant


Being situated here, the support of elder brothers and sisters is rarely available. If you work with your elder brother, even after working hard, you do not get the benefit and there is a rift between the brothers.


Moon in 12th House Taurus Ascendant


One or the other worry remains constant in the mind of the person. In the court case of the person, there is an expense in the hospital. The fear of accidents remains.


In the Taurus ascendant, the Moon has influence in all the houses. Talk to Astrologer to know which house is giving effect to which house in your Kundali.

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