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Moon in Scorpio Ascendant

Moon in Scorpio Ascendant

Playful by nature, and soft in heart, Moon God is considered exalted in Taurus and low in Scorpio. In the horoscope of Scorpio Ascendant, Moon being the ninth lord is recognized as a karaka house. The people of Scorpio ascendant can wear the Moon gemstone after the analysis of the Kundali, if the Moon is located in any of the places 1,3,6,8,12, then never wear the Pearl Gemstone. Let us tell you that only after proper analysis of the birth chart, the decision regarding the remedy is taken whether to strengthen the said planet with gems, to reduce the effect of the planet by donation, to pacify the planet with the water flow of some elements or to chant the mantra. By getting the blessings of the said planet through spiritual practice, one has to get protection, etc. Mantra meditation is beneficial for everyone.


Moon in all 12 Houses for Scorpio Ascendant



Moon in 1st house Scorpio Ascendant


The moon becomes debilitated in Scorpio, so if Moon is situated in the Ascendant, then the native's father gets troubled during the Mahadasha of Moon. There is a dispute with the life partner, Moon gives inauspiciousness for married life. The sum of loss is created by the work of the partnership. Daily income decreases. Estimate the decrease or increase in fruits according to the strength of the Moon in the Mahadasha of Moon. Here the decrease in the strength of the moon gives auspiciousness.


Moon in 2nd house Scorpio Ascendant


Money keeps coming into the family of such a person, the family gets full support, and the speech is very sweet. Obstacles are removed automatically or with little effort, it helps a lot to settle the profession in the Mahadasha of Moon.


Moon in 3rd house Scorpio Ascendant


The person has to work very hard, there is a decrease in valor. After hard work, the luck of the person rarely supports him. The younger sister's yoga is formed. The person is afraid of God's divine being. respects his father. travels abroad.


Moon in 4th house Scorpio Ascendant


In the Mahadasha of the Moon, the person gets the happiness of land, house, vehicle, and mother due to the presence of the Moon in the fourth house. Working conditions get better.


Moon in 5th house Scorpio Ascendant


The mind of the person does not remain disturbed, the profession can be private, the sum of getting a daughter is formed, there is sweetness in relations with elder brother and sister, and benefits are received. There is a short-term illness. During the time of university, if the moon's Mahadasha runs and the moon is strong, then the person goes to higher research and becomes a researcher.


Moon in 6th house Scorpio Ascendant


The court case, hospital cost. The fear of accidents remains. The person succeeds by working hard. The sum of foreign settlement is also formed. Might have to go to jail. There is a foreign trip. The mind remains sad. Father's health may also deteriorate.


Moon in 7th house Scorpio Ascendant


The life partner the person is beautiful and attractive, married life remains happy, there is a possibility of getting profit from partners, and daily income increases.


Moon in 8th house Scorpio Ascendant


On coming into the eighth house and enemy sign, he spoils all the work with his speech. Here, due to the position of the Moon in the eighth house, there is a hindrance in all the work of the person. Extravagant expenses keep happening. Family is not supported, and there is a loss of money. It is possible to stay away from the native's house. The native has to suffer death-like suffering. The weakening of the Moon in the force is auspicious. There are many problems in professional life. In the Mahadasha of the moon, the health of the father remains poor, the mother may suffer, and the state of mind of the person becomes pathetic.


Moon in 9th house Scorpio Ascendant


Moon in Swarashi gives auspicious results. If you work with your father, luck favors you, you get the support of younger siblings. Earns profit from travel. The younger sister's yoga is formed.


Moon in 10th house Scorpio Ascendant


The profession of the person remains good, and the mind remains happy. The person gets complete happiness with land, house, vehicle, and mother. The person progresses in the Mahadasha of Moon. Receives father's blessings and affection.


Moon in 11th house Scorpio Ascendant


In their Mahadasha / Antardasha, elder brothers and sisters and fathers get benefits. There is a possibility of getting minor diseases in the stomach, which get cured later. There is a sudden profit. From the very birth of the person, the father starts earning benefits.


Moon in 12th house Scorpio Ascendant


There are problems in professional life. There is always some tension. The mind remains troubled. The court case, hospital cost. The fear of accidents remains. In the Mahadasha of the Moon, unnecessary expenditure remains. There is defeat in the competition. Even if the person works abroad, the expenses are likely to be more than the income. Luck does not favor and the father suffers.


Moon gives auspicious and inauspicious results in Scorpio ascendant. Talk to Astrologer to know more about Scorpio Ascendant.

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