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Mithun Rashi Sade Sati - Sade Sati For Gemini

Mithun Rashi Sade Sati - Sade Sati For Gemini

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which Shani considers its friend. On the other hand, Mercury is neutral towards Saturn. Saturn's for Sade Sati for you begins when Saturn comes close to Gemini in transit.

Airy planets in airy signs mean that you may develop a tendency to be windy and tend to exaggerate your achievements. Your lord Mercury, who is an earthly planet, commands you to be grounded and humble and maintain stability in life and thought process. This is definitely not the best period of your life to make frequent changes. Your actions should be backed by knowledge and wisdom, not impulse and selfishness.

Mithun Rashi Sade Sati Period

Sade Sati for Gemini will be from 8 August 2029 to 27 August 2036. The natives of Saturn's Gemini sign may see upheaval in their job. Have to take care of the health of the parents. You will get good news from the children. Donating every Saturday will be auspicious.

Sade Sati for Mithun Rashi

For Gemini people, Saturn is the lord of the eighth and ninth house. He is a symbol of luck, father, misfortune, accident, etc. For you, Sade Sati begins when Saturn transits Taurus and ends when Saturn leaves the Karak Rashi. When Saturn transits the fourth house, Virgo, then your Ardhashtam Shani moves. Ashtam Shani runs when Saturn transits the eighth house, Capricorn. Saturn is a yoga factor for you, so it will reduce the adverse effects.

First Phase of Sade Sati for Mithun Rashi

The effect of this phase of Mithun Sade Sati is usually average. When Saturn is in the 12th house from Gemini, it will be situated in Taurus, which is ruled by Venus which shares a friendly relationship with Saturn. This phase indicates a high inclination towards luxuries.

In fact, you will spend a lot on maintaining a luxurious lifestyle. During this time you feel more connected and connected with the women in your life. You find betrayal very difficult to tolerate during this phase and may respond openly. You may break some hearts and relationships because of this nature.

Second Phase of Sade Sati for Mithun Rashi

For the people of Gemini, the result of Shani Sade Sati in the second phase will be positive. This phase is favorable for short journeys. Your approach becomes much more logical and practical. You feel a desire to learn new things in life.

You tend to be quite methodical and calculative in your methods. Your reasoning power and problem-solving ability also improve. Your interest in mechanical science grew in this phase. However, it is also marked by high work pressure which may give some mental discomfort.

Third Phase of Sade Sati for Mithun Rashi

In the third phase of Sade Sati, since Saturn will now enter Cancer, which is ruled by Moon, the enemy, the third phase is not very positive for the native.

The relationship between Shani and Moon in a horoscope can be termed as "Vish Dosha". During this period, the person can spend excessively. Problems like money loss and family discord remain. Shani also gives dental problems and alcohol addiction.

Communication failure during this phase creates a lot of problems for the native. There is trouble in married life too. Overall, the third phase causes immense mental distress for the people of Gemini.

Sade Sati Remedies for Gemini

  • Go to the Shani temple and worship the Lord.

  • Donate black urad and black cloth to the needy.

  • Feeding birds will also reduce the effect to some extent.

  • You can also gift books to needy children.


Special things related to the post will come to the fore, and the health of the partner will be affected. There will be special movement in family-related matters and you will have to intervene to solve them. New sources of income will be created. This is a beneficial situation for younger siblings. Your supremacy over the opponents will remain, but your health will have to be taken care of. Do not ignore even a small problem. You will get benefits in the work done in the name of your partner. For those who are unmarried, their marriage-related talks will go on and speed will increase. Time will be auspicious for married people. If your business is related to foreign affairs, then the amount of profit will also increase in that. Even if you are employed, you can think of changing the place or job. If the Gemini sign wants to know more about Sade Sati, then talk to astrologers.

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