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What is Shani Sade Sati? Remedies to Remove Effects of Shani Sade Sati

What is Shani Sade Sati? Remedies to Remove Effects of Shani Sade Sati

The planets of our universe revolve around their fixed circumference. According to the rules, planets move from one zodiac sign to another. Saturn also follows this rule. When Saturn enters the twelfth sign of your Ascendant, it completes its cycle by moving from this particular zodiac to two signs. This complete cycle of time is of seven and a half years. According to astrology, this is known as Sade Sati. There is also a belief in this context that when Saturn enters the twelfth sign from the birth sign, then the Dasha of Sade Sati starts and when Saturn crosses the second place from birth, then one gets freedom from its Dasha. Let's know Shani Sade Sati's symptoms and remedies


What is Shani Sade Sati?


When Saturn is in the twelfth or first or second house from the birth sign of a person, this condition is called Shani Sade Sati. In this case, the person is forced to deal with physical and mental distress, discord, and even more expenses. Saturn is under one sign for around two and one-half years. 

In addition to Sade Sati, when Saturn is moving through to the Moon in the sign of birth, i.e. on the birth chart, to the 4th house or also known as the eighth house, it's called Sade Sati, or Dhaiya. When the sun or planet Saturn crosses the 12th and first, the second and the natal Moon of the birth chart of a person and it's called Shani Sade Sati.


Effect of Shani Sade Sati


The effect of Shani Sade Sati is believed that during the first stage in the first phase of Shani Sade Sati Shani influences the financial situation of the individual the most, the family lives in the next stage, along with health issues in the final phase. Of the three phases of two and a half years, the third phase is heavier. During the Shani Sade Sati, most of the members of the house remain ill, and you have to be humiliated again and again. The women of the house are often ill, as soon as you come out of one problem, another problem comes. There is failure and loss in business. People's interest in non-vegetarian and intoxicating substances increases in the house. There is always discord in the house. You get stigmatized or accused without any reason. There is an ache in the ears and eyes.


Shani Sade Sati effect of three phases:


First Phase:


The theory is that head and neck of the individual are affected during this stage and it has a negative impact on health and financial situation. Alongside stress and anxiety sleep problems develop. This can have a negative effect on the marriage life. 


Second Phase:


The second phase is described as during this stage, the individual is faced with issues with his family and finances within his own life. The relatives' cause problems and the person may need to travel long distances away from family. Alongside physical illnesses as well as mental anxiety. It requires more effort than normal to complete even a simple job, but there's no chance of being successful. Friends, and family members all go away from his side. 


Third Phase:


It's believed that in this stage, the pleasures and comforts of the individual end. There is a huge expenditure of rupees. Business and jobs all are at a standstill. It is necessary to deal with health issues. The arguments with children are more frequent. If there is no child and there are disagreements between the husband and wife increase. 

The planet Saturn requires two and one-half years to move from one zodiac to the next. On the other hand, the first phase of Sade Sati is painful for the people of Sagittarius, Taurus, and Leo. Whereas the second phase is not considered good for Leo, Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, or Scorpio, and the third phase is not considered good for Gemini, Aquarius, Libra, Scorpio, or Pisces. If there is an effect of Shani Sade Sati or Dhaiya on your zodiac, then the effects of Sade Sati or Shani Dosha can be reduced by the measures taken on Saturday.


Remedies of Shani Sade Sati


Shani Dev is a devotee of Lord Shankar, Shani does not harm those who are blessed by Lord Shankar, so worship of Shivling should be done regularly.

Peepal is said to be the abode of all the gods, therefore Shani Dev is pleased by giving water to Peepal.

In Anuradha Nakshatra, when it is Amavasya and it is a Saturday if you worship the Peepal tree with oil, and sesame in a methodical manner, then you get freedom from the wrath of Shani.

For the happiness of Shani Dev, Shani Stotra should be recited regularly.

After waking up early at dawn, put some oil in a bowl, and look at your face. Then, donate the oil to someone in need. This way, Shani Dev is pleased and all the issues that are related to luck are also taken away. 

To remove issues related to Saturn Make rings made from black horseshoes and put the ring on your middle finger during sunset on a Saturday. 

Thus, you can donate black sesame seeds and black cloth, blankets, iron utensils, and Dias according to your capabilities. This way, Shani Dev is pleased and brings good outcomes. 

In conclusion, 

To avoid the negative effects of Shani talk to astrologers online and know about Sati in detail and get more remedies which will include wearing suitable gemstones and much more.

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