Mercury Mahadasha for Taurus Ascendant

Mercury Mahadasha for Taurus Ascendant

For the Taurus ascendant, Mercury is the lord of the second and fifth house. If you belong to Taurus Ascendant then the planet Mercury is very beneficial for you.Mercury is a neutral earth planet and when it is situated in Taurus, which is also a decided earth sign, the native remains sure in thoughts. These individuals are hard to shake once a decision is made. Taurus is ruled by planet Venus, which also has a friendly relationship with Mercury, so this capacity proves remunerative for the native. Such a person wants stability in life. They are practical creatures who believe in logic. Their concentration power is extraordinary. They are also actually quite reliable and loyal, especially when it comes to money. They are excellent in money management.

During the time period in Mercury Mahadasha, the native will get wealth, assets, reputation, intelligence, education, and whatnot. The Mahadasha of Mercury will last for 17 years which will take the native to the pinnacle.

The people of Taurus ascendant will get intelligent children. If Mercury is afflicted by Saturn, then the person will be a liar. Afflicted Mercury can bring money loss, wealth loss, and progeny-related problems.

Therefore, it is mandatory to do the remedial measures as per Vedic astrology during Mercury Mahadasha of 17 years.

Results of Mercury Mahadasha for Taurus  Ascendant

The Mahadasha of Mercury is considered favorable for Taurus Ascendant. Mercury becomes Dhanesh for this ascendant and also gives many benefits in life. When this Mahadasha comes, the person gets respect through his talent. Life is spent happily. Despite minor problems, he maintains relationships in his life in a better way. In many ways, this time is like opening new doors of progress for a person.

Mercury, being the lord of the second house, represents the native's family, family, education, eye (right), nose, throat, ear, voice, diamonds, pearls, gems, jewelry, beauty, singing, speech, etc. Being under the auspicious influence of Mercury in Janam Kundali or Dashakal, the natives of Taurus Ascendant get ease and auspicious results in the subjects mentioned above. On the contrary, if Mercury is weak or malefic, then one has to face shortcomings and difficulties in the contexts mentioned above.

Positive Effects of Mercury Mahadasha for Taurus Ascendant

In the horoscope of Taurus Ascendant, Mercury is the lord of the second house and lord of the fifth house. Due to being the fifth lord, Mercury is considered a planet by doing yoga in this Lagna Kundli. If Mercury is placed in the first, second, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth, and tenth house, then it gives auspicious results according to its partial strength. These people also have strong business skills. However, they can be conservative in their views, as they do not like change in life. These natives are good organizers and do faithful in managerial roles. They like to live a delightful and secure lifestyle. They love pretty objects, jewelry, and flowers, things that appeal to their senses. They are very soft-spoken and polite toward others. On the love front, saturation is important for the smooth running of their relationship. Mercury is related to muscles and Venus represents beauty, a conjuction of these energies makes the native fond of physical yoga and exercise. These people pay meditation to how they look.

Negative Effect of Mahadasha of Mercury on Taurus ascendant

Mercury becomes inauspicious in the eleventh house because it is his debilitated sign. Due to the presence of Mercury in the eighth house, incurable diseases cause mental stress, and depression and create new problems daily. Let's look at our own second house from the seventh point of view. Because of this Kutum family creates a lot of difficulties in the field of wealth collection, Vivek Vani, etc. And Vidya Prem Lottery also creates problems in the field of children. Because by going to the eighth house, Buddha becomes deadly.

Buddha is debilitated in the twelfth house of the Taurus Ascendant birth chart. Along with this, being in the 12th house, they also become extremely deadly. Therefore, they give completely negative results to the native, such as lack of family love, disorders in speech, ignorance in intelligence, create difficulties in child happiness, love happiness, and the happiness of friendship, then the life of the native increases a lot. Due to seeing the sixth house from the seventh point of view, the native gets diseases, accidents, and the dominance of enemies.


According to astrology, in the horoscope of Taurus Ascendant, Mercury has got the ownership of the second house. He has got the best house of the fifth house triangle and according to the second house, eighth, and twelve theory, although there is a deadly house, due to the friendship of Mercury with Lord Venus, the theory of lethality does not apply to him. Therefore, Buddhadev is also a Karaka planet of the second house. That's why Buddhadev is the one who gives very auspicious results in Taurus ascendant magazine. In this sequence, today we are going to discuss in detail the idea of fruit in different senses of Buddhadev. So let's know in which sense, what kind of fruit Mercury provides to the native in Taurus ascendant. According to Astrology phone consultation, you can know in detail about the effect of Mercury on the Taurus ascendant.

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