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Mercury in Taurus Ascendant

Mercury in Taurus Ascendant

In the Kundli of Taurus Ascendant, Mercury is the lord of the second house. They have got the best house of the fifth house triangle and the second house is the antidote according to the eighth house, but due to the friendship of Mercury with the ascendant Venus, the principle of Maraktva does not apply to him. Mercury is also the karaka planet of the second house. Therefore, in the Taurus ascendant, Mercury is the one who gives very auspicious yogic results.

Mercury in all 12 Houses for Taurus Ascendant

Mercury in 1st House Taurus Ascendant

The native is of beautiful nature, intelligent, prudent, and with a sharp intellect. At the same time, the person has sufficient intelligence, skill, speech, tact, and family, they are the ones who help accumulate wealth. An increase in the daily income of the person, and profits in partnership business are going to provide happiness in married life. In conclusion, Mercury is the person who gives auspicious results from their side in all respects.


Mercury in 2nd House Taurus Ascendant


Due to the presence of Mercury in the second house, the people who support the person in the collection of money, are the ones who increase the love in the family. Gives good success to the native in the field of education. Friends provide support. Gives happiness to children. Those who end health-related problems in the life of the native give success in the field of archeology. At the same time, create favorable conditions in the works of the rich.


Mercury in 3rd House Taurus Ascendant


Mercury in the third house of the Kundali gives happiness to the younger brothers and sisters who increase the valor of the native, as well as provide the person with the happiness of the family, along with helping in the collection of wealth. They give their full cooperation in providing higher education to the native. A good attitude and social values give prestige to the person.


Mercury in 4th House Taurus Ascendant


Due to the presence of Mercury in the fourth house of Taurus Ascendant, the native is going to provide full happiness of mother's happiness, property, property, and property. The person gets success in state work, progress in a professional job, and good honor in state work. At the same time, the person makes a person with knowledgeable qualities and children.


Mercury in 5th House Taurus Ascendant


Mercury in the fifth house of the Taurus Ascendant Kundli gives the native a lot of cooperation in the field of education, a company of good friends, benefits from the property, increase in child happiness. Some difficulties arise in the sources of income of the native. The person earns well money from his friends, children, and wisdom.


Mercury in 6th House Taurus Ascendant


The native is timid and deprived of the happiness of younger brothers, difficulties arise in the field of education. Delay in child happiness, failure in the field of love, and friends getting cheated. Mental troubles and enmity increase in the person. An increase in unnecessary expenses of the seventh person creates difficulties in the collection of money.


Mercury in 7th House Taurus Ascendant


There is a lot of love and gentleness in the married life of the native. In the field of business, the person is given a sharp intellect. The native has a beautiful attractive image and has the ability to impress people. The native gets love, children, happiness, education, and happiness in the family of wealth collection.


Mercury in 8th House Taurus Ascendant


Due to the placement of Mercury in the eighth house, the person suffers from incurable diseases, mental stress, and depression, along with new problems that arise all the time. There are many difficulties in the family of the native in the field of wealth collection, Discretion, etc.


Mercury in 9th House Taurus Ascendant


By having Mercury in the ninth house, the person gets higher education, state honor, good relation with the father, and social prestige. The native gets the happiness of the family as well as skill in speech, skill in writing work. The native is fearless, mighty courageous, and gets a lot of love from younger siblings.


Mercury in 10th House Taurus Ascendant


The presence of Mercury in the tenth house of Taurus ascendant Kundli gives good success in a professional job, success in a government job, cooperation in getting wealth from father, respect in society and family, love in the family, and support in the collection of wealth. The person gets the happiness of building, vehicle, property, and mother.


Mercury in 11th House Taurus Ascendant


Mercury in the eleventh house gives good results to the native, but the native has to struggle a lot for them. Minor ailments are always there. There are changes in the sources of income, but with his intelligence and discretion, the person collects good money.


Mercury in 12th House Taurus Ascendant


Mercury is debilitated in the Taurus ascendant. Gives completely negative results to the native, such as lack of love in the family, speech disorders, intellect, difficulties arising in children's happiness, love happiness, and happiness of friendship. There will be a lot of expenses in the life of the native. The person gets rid of diseases and wins over enemies.


Mercury is the second and fifth house lord in Taurus ascendant. Mercury in Taurus Ascendant gives results to the native according to his position. Talk to astrologers to know about the remedies to reduce the negative effects of planets in the Taurus ascendant.

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