Mars Mahadasha for Capricorn Ascendant

Mars Mahadasha for Capricorn Ascendant

Mars is the lord of the 4th house and 11th houses. That's why Mars is considered an inauspicious planet for Capricorn ascendant people. Though Mars is an inauspicious planet for Capricorn ascendants, but well-placed Mars can bring name, fame, house, property, general welfare, etc.

The people born in Capricorn ascendant are usually thin. Generally, their marriage is delayed. They like to follow rules and discipline. These people have a very ambitious spirit. In spite of many obstacles, remain hardworking and active. Will be ready to do virtuous deeds and will be religious and God-fearing. You will be dedicated towards your work, an expert in taking work from your dependents. Such people are also very talkative and they have no control over the power of speech. You will also have faith in religion. In the Mahadasha of Mars, the person will earn a lot of money.

Mars Mahadasha can be proved infelicitous if Mars is situated in infirmity and is also afflicted by malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. Inauspicious Mahadasha of Mars for Capricorn Ascendant can result in loss of friends, loss of property, and loss of money.

Results of Mars Mahadasha for Capricorn Ascendant

Mars Mahadasha gives mixed results for Capricorn Ascendant. During this Mahadasha one has to work hard for success in work. During this, there is a possibility of improvement in the economic condition of life. But one has to be careful about health as well.

Mars is the ruler of the fourth and eleventh houses. Being Chaturthesh, mother, land, building, vehicle, quadruped, friend, partnership, peace, water, public, permanent property, mercy, benevolence, deceit, deceit, condition of conscience, consumption of water substances, accumulated wealth, false accusation, rumor, represents love, love affair, love marriage matters while being the eleventh house represents greed, profit, selfishness, slavery, servitude, child inferiority, daughter child, tau, chacha, bhava, elder brother sister, corruption, bribery, Is representative of subjects such as dishonesty. Being under the strong and auspicious influence of Mars in the native's birth chart or its Dashakaal, the native gets auspicious results in the above-mentioned subjects, whereas being under weak and inauspicious influence gives inauspicious results.

Positive Effects of Mars Mahadasha for Capricorn Ascendant

In the Mahadasha of Mars, the happiness of house, vehicle, and property is attained, and the mother has a lot of attachment to the native. Mars provides auspiciousness for married life and the work of partnership creates the sum of profit. Mars is capable of removing all obstacles with its power. Such a person gets the support of money, family, and family. Speech becomes fierce. Obstacles are not able to face the Jatak in the Mahadasha of Mars. The native is religious and respects the father, and travels foreign. The person is very hardworking, and mighty. After a lot of hard work, the luck of the person favors him. Relations with their father remain good. Foreign travel gets interrupted. There is victory in disease, debt, enemy, and court cases. The profession is very hard work. With his hard work, he overcomes the circumstances.

If Mars is in the fourth house in the Mahadasha of Mars, the person gets complete happiness of land, house, vehicle, and mother. Work is also done in better condition. There is a possibility of foreign settlement. Hitched life remains happy, there is progress in daily revenue, and there is a benefit from partnership work. Relations with elder brothers and sisters remain very good, benefits are received, and health improves.

Negative Effects of Mars Mahadasha for Capricorn Ascendant

Expenses are incurred in law court cases and hospitals. The fear of accidents remains. Vijayashree comes to hand after a lot of hard work in the competition. One or the other tension remains in the Mahadasha of Mars. Mother has problems. The health of the native is not good and there are chances of foreign settlement. The hitched life of the native is not happy. Husband/wife can be of a quarrelsome nature. There is no chance of getting profit from business and partners. Profession, health is not in good condition, and the speech of the person is harsh. If there is a job, there is a possibility of leaving it. There are chances of staying away from the native's house.

There is always some tension. Younger brothers and sisters don't get along, the mother gets hurt. There is a loss in partnership business. In the Mahadasha of Mars, the native suffers a lot because of the shortage of money. Hard work doesn't yield results. The mind remains troubled. Expenses are incurred in law court cases and hospitals. The fear of accidents remains. Wasteful expenditure remains in the Mahadasha of Mars. Married life is filled with discord and there is a decrease in daily income.


Mars is a strength in the tenth house. It is best to have an ascendant lord in the tenth house. Here Mars becomes exalted and interesting Raja Yoga will also be created here. If such a person is studying medicine, then he becomes a surgeon of high quality. Jatak can also do business related to hotels or food and drink, and construction related. If Saturn is in a good state in the horoscope, then Jatak will get successful by doing business with all of these. Even if they do some work by joining the government or administration, such people get successful. However, due to the aspect of Mars on the Ascendant, there is definitely a deficiency in such people that they do not have patience. That's why do everything after thinking or in a serious way. Through Astrology Phone Consultation, you can know in detail about Mars Mahadasha in Capricorn ascendant.