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Mars and Rahu Conjunction in 12th House

Mars and Rahu Conjunction in 12th House

Rahu is the source of never-ending relationships, while Mars is the source of ability; Rahu cannot be counted but Mars can. Rahu will take in the height of the limitless sky, but Mars is exclusively associated with the internet, adventurous life, and strength.

When Mars and Rahu are taken into account in the human body, they can be linked to blood pressure problems, blood infection, and, if taken into account in the context of the family, the fathers, and the paternal families. It might be viewed as a continued hostility from the forefathers’ days.

Effect of Mars and Rahu Conjunction in 12th House

Rahu aids Mars in making a lot of money, whether through legal or illegal means.

These locals are strong criminals and attackers. However, they also conceal a feeling of fear within themselves. Additionally, are not reluctant to give in or surrender once they realize how serious and powerful this danger is.

If they fall into the trap of the rule of law for unlawful behavior or action, they immediately own their involvement, and if there are co-accused, they do not hesitate to become a prime witness in the court.

Positive Effect Of Mars and Rahu Conjunction in 12th House

Native people may naturally be inclined towards building society in a better way. They will try to give their children what they have not received in their childhood.

They will have strong determination in their lives. They will do it by hook or by crook. They are employed in jobs where physical strength is required.

They have the potential to run an industry and manage the manpower. They will look into the problems of their laborers and will pay them on time. They have kind hearts which makes others close to them.

They good moderate relationship with their spouse. They give less time to their family and mostly they work throughout the day to earn a decent income for the family.

They are suitable for professions like agents of tickets, grocery shop owners, low-level police officials, and jobs relating to police telecommunication and forensic sciences.

They have a simple life and they want to be simple. They have no greed in them and they never complain about others. They take life as an event that is predestined and cannot be changed. They are a strong believer in the superpower of divinity.

They give importance to divinity and also perform meditation daily to face the challenges of their lives. They don’t show off to others and lead their life in their own way.

Negative Effect Of Mars and Rahu Conjunction in 12th House

One negative effect of these two stars is they are not compatible for a sexual relationship. The unhappy partner suffers a negative effect on their mental state as a result.

In some situations, Mars and Rahu Conjunction in the 12th House leads to the introduction of a third party into the relationship, which may cause the mutual physical intimacy between the two lovers or spouses to gradually deteriorate.

Native people can be ruthless and quick to anger. Native people might be self-centered and aggressive speakers by nature. He may be courageous but he displays that bravery in the wrong way.

They might have a flirtatious side. They have strong urges to have sexual intimacy. They lack strong moral character. They might be drawn to illicit relationships. They can be the target of a woman’s accusation or blame. Ask One Question regarding your spouse.

Mars and Rahu Conjunction in 12th House in Navamsa Chart

According to Navamsa Chart, Because it will occur in Mars’ own sign, this conjunction will be quite advantageous. Your assurance, enthusiasm, and determination will increase. You’ll see your way more clearly. Mars will give you the motivation to continue once you realize you need to work harder. Rahu, though, can divert your attention. When it comes to violence and impulse control, you should use cautiousness. Your bond with your spouse, associate in business, and loved ones will suffer if you don’t.

Rahu and Mars work together to create Vijaya yoga. The horoscopes of notorious criminals and religious leaders contain references to this yoga. Mars is a hard, irrational, and aggressive planet. Rahu exaggerates these features because he is close by. To deal with this energy, a person practicing this yoga will need mindfulness and great effort. Good athletes, brave leaders, and aggressive salesmen are people who can channel this energy in a creative way. Astrology Phone Consultations will definitely assist you in choosing your career.


When Mars and Rahu Conjunction in the 12th House the native has multiple sources of income and makes good savings for their future generations. They lead an ordinary life but think to achieve a better life. Their health remains perfectly fine till old age. They are a source of happiness and comfort to their children. They spend a lot of time with their children and students.

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