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Mars and Ketu Conjunction in 4th House

Mars and Ketu Conjunction in 4th House

Hindu astrology depicts a powerful and imaginary planet called Ketu. In mythology, it is referred to as the “dragon’s tail”. It is constantly associated with mysticism, spiritual detachment from self, liberation, cunning reasoning, etc. Ketu is best known for creating criminals and ruthless shooters, but can also help develop well-known personalities like entertainers and detectives when Mars and Ketu Conjunction in 4th House.

Effect of Mars and Ketu Conjunction in 4th House

As a result of the influence of Ketu on the Moon, the native may have religious inclinations. When Ketu is in the fourth house, people may be forced to leave their native country and settle elsewhere. Loss of property is symbolized by Ketu in this position, which can make a person angry with other people. As stated earlier, it harms women and can affect a child’s bond with its mother. This reduces the general health and stability of mothers. The native’s family satisfaction and mental peace also remain incomplete and they must deal with various problems with friends and loved ones.

Positive Effect Of Mars and Ketu Conjunction in 4th House

These natives will have a tendency to donate and will always participate in holy ceremonies. They will have a reputation in society and can become presidents of religious institutions.

They work more and talk less which makes them perfect workers. They are appreciated by their employers and have a good chance of promotion in their professional life. They can be appointed in mints and finance ministries.

They can take up government jobs at a very young age without much effort and continue working till retirement. They can go for good investment plans which will definitely benefit them in their tough times.

They have a plan in life. Be it financial planning or family planning. They are excellent planners and they think carefully and make decisions. They may have the ability to control others and will help those in need.

They can write poetry and prose. Their poetic side will come out after their middle age and they have the potential to become famous writers. They can take up journalism or work as news anchors in reputed news channels of the country. Everyone will follow their schedule. They are sure to be successful in the tasks they undertake because they deliver results on time.

Negative Effect Of Mars and Ketu Conjunction in 4th House

When Ketu appears in the fourth house you may experience a dark relationship. Ketu and fourth house together can prevent you from recognizing your spouse. Due to the lack of loyalty and confidence in your relationship, you are more likely to separate or break up with your spouse in this situation. Additionally, you may not have a close bond with your spouse. Ketu in the fourth house can cause complications in pregnancy.

Native women may not be in good health. If you have an arranged marriage, the placement of Ketu in the fourth house may not give many beneficial results. However, if you conduct a love marriage, you will be in a bad position. Finally, Mars in the fourth house can harm your relationship with your spouse.

These people sometimes argue wrongly and this angers their superiors. They may even clash with their superiors and this will delay their promotion. They may suffer a lot and may even be punished by higher authorities. An Astrology Phone Consultation will keep guiding you whenever you are in a crisis.

Mars and Ketu Conjunction in 4th House in Navamsa Chart

According to Navamsa Chart, Ketu placement in the fourth house will greatly enhance your spirituality and maturity. When you choose the moral path in life, you will experience responsibility and devotion. There will also be enlightenment and awareness of nature. May you be happy and at peace with yourself no matter what you have or do in life. Not only this, but you will also get unexpected achievements and rewards if you work in a company or finance.


Those with Mars and Ketu Conjunction in the 4th House are likely to get divorced or remarried. Young native may lose their parents. After the age of 60 or 65, a person can develop their spirituality and seek freedom in life. This can lead to academic failure or complete failure. To be highly skilled, one must overcome various challenges, especially in foreign countries. Locals are allowed to buy real estate elsewhere. The native will be self-reliant and have a luxurious manner in their old age. Ask one question about your children’s education.

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