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Mars and Ketu Conjunction in 11th House

Mars and Ketu Conjunction in 11th House

Ketu is the planet that directs our actions and how we carry them out. It is the planet of responsibility, activity, and strength. The position of Mars in your birth chart, according to astrology, symbolizes your individual determination and dynamic tendencies. The 11th house, which is a powerful predictor of earnings and improvements, also stands for happiness, unexpected advantages, assets, prosperity, and funds. In astrology, your social circle is represented by the 11th house, which also governs your enthusiasm for social issues and initiatives. Mars in the 11th house indicates that the native will be moral, content, brave, and wealthy.

Effect of Mars and Ketu Conjunction in 11th House

Mars and Ketu Conjunction in the 11th House give the natives competence and bravery. They are influenced by their placement to form alliances with competitiveness at the core. They prefer to hang out with those who prefer to perform with them instead give directions.

Everyone becomes an admirer of these people because they have such effortless authority over others. Everywhere they go, they become the center of attention. These individuals are also quite experienced and well-informed. As a result, they are capable of handling any challenging circumstance. Due to their affection and commitment, other people enjoy their company and their presence. These people consequently struggle to lead normal lives or be in committed relationships.

Positive Effect Of Mars and Ketu Conjunction in 11th House

  • Mars in the eleventh house is a great planetary placement for someone who wants to pursue a career in government or a non-profit organization because these occupations demand a broad network, which the eleventh house naturally provides, making it a good choice for positions of management.

  • The natives and their older siblings will have cordial relations. The locals will speak in a gentle manner that will make others listen to them and obey their commands, making them successful leaders or infantry chiefs. The native will be skilled at managing a mob. They have the potential to become renowned police officers and they will reach the zenith if they join force at a young age.

  • They have a sense of duty towards their motherland and are often selfless in their service.

  • They are awarded gallantry awards by the country and are always given sensitive postings.

  • They are often associated with investigations related to Maoist activities and terrorism.

  • They can be the head of the Counter Insurgency Force in various operations.

Negative Effect Of Mars and Ketu Conjunction in 11th House

When these two planets come together in the 11th house, a person becomes rude in speech, always in a boastful mood, argumentative, irate, energetic, wandering, egotistical, and dishonest.

It’s quite possible to feel down and dissatisfied with these people. Others might avoid them because of their nature, even if they are sensuous.

These persons disrespect their forefathers and sometimes steal the wealth of their fathers and live in far-off places. They are not happy with their wives and always have a hunger for other women. They will be defamed in society because of their bad deeds.

Their career is not stable and they often switch jobs. They have a chance of getting injured in an accident and may have to take voluntary retirement which may cause them financial losses. Their premature retirement will make their confidence low and they will be mentally affected by this. They may take up smoking and drinking alcohol as a habit which will further cause physical disability. Ask One Question regarding your marriage and family members.

Mars and Ketu Conjunction in 11th House in Navamsa Chart

According to Navamsa Chart, Ketu in the eleventh house bestows fortune on a person. Due to its consequences, this planet typically serves humans best. But it’s also referred to as a “shadow universe” by some. Wealth is abundant when Ketu is in the eleventh house. These people don’t have to deal with money issues in their daily life. Additionally, Ketu’s effects vary depending on which Zodiac it is located in. People work extremely hard to earn big sums of money as a result of the location of this planet. When Ketu is in the 11th House, the locals feel closer to Divinity.


These are lethargic people who don’t want to work hard to gain a decent living. Therefore they are always in financial crises and they demand money from their childhood friends and relatives which disturbs their relationship with them. They are sometimes greedy by nature and want to take advantage of the people who admire them. Their overall health will be stable up to the age of 46 years and after that, they will face health issues. They may be attacked by severe gouts in their fingers which may make them immobile. They can have arthritis in multiple joints which may create problems in their daily lives. They may have trouble in walking their old age. Astrology Phone Consultations will definitely help you lead a healthier life.

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