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Mars and Ketu Conjunction in 10th House

Mars and Ketu Conjunction in 10th House

The good placement of Ketu and Mars in the 10th house of the chart indicates professional achievements. It can help one achieve courage, cooperation, and financial success in life. They are strong souls with a high level of understanding and are adept at many trades. Such a person will acquire knowledge for himself and will attract a lot of curiosity throughout his life. They are more important than others and even get respect from enemies. They tend towards negative thoughts and actions.

Effect of Mars and Ketu Conjunction in 10th House

If Mars and Ketu Conjunction in 10th House the native may become rather foolish. These natives may engage in meaningless endeavors, useless activities, and routine work. They may even develop a self-important personality. They can be unhappy and at peace inside. They can have a miserable existence and face many challenges. They should be careful while driving a motor vehicle.

Additionally, an unfavorable position of Mars in the 10th house can usher in challenging and difficult phases of life, especially in terms of finances and career.

Positive Effect Of Mars and Ketu Conjunction in 10th House

  • They have a good body which allows them to perform hard work and they are always busy in their life.

  • They never discuss the faults of others and if they ever face something, they will directly tell them to correct their mistakes. They are not afraid to speak the truth.

  • They are passionate people who don’t like to stay at home alone and they always want to be with their friends. They are good at playing cricket and table tennis. They want to explore the world and this habit continues into their old age. They have a sporting spirit that does not allow them to sit idle.

  • They have the potential to become famous cricketers and sports personalities. They can join the Air Force as an Airman or as Commissioned Officers in the administrative cadre. They may also succeed in getting selected as fighter pilots. They will sacrifice their lives for the motherland.

  • In mid-life they may be awarded by the government for their outstanding contribution to the nation. They can join politics and reach ministerial positions in the interests of society.

Negative Effect Of Mars and Ketu Conjunction in 10th House

  • These people tend to get excited about their honor and fame which makes others reluctant to stay with them for long periods of time. They have a tendency to use others for their own good and do not pay attention to them later. This quality will turn their friends into enemies.

  • They are sometimes careless because they are under the stress of their work. As a result, they face problems in the office. They can even be punished for mistakes in official work. They may even be jailed for dereliction of duty.

  • They have to struggle a lot to get the property of their parents. They may have to go to court to resolve the matter. Their siblings may file charges against them and face contempt of court.

  • They sometimes shout at their wives for no reason and it spoils their reputation in the neighborhood. Their wives misunderstand them and stay away from them. They feel a communication gap in their marital life.

Mars and Ketu Conjunction in 10th House in Navamsa Chart

According to Navamsa Chart, Mars and Ketu Conjunction in the 10th House signify that the person must work for their country and bring the name and fame of their parents. They will hold a responsible position in the public sector and have the power to help a person in their career or destroy their professional front.

They will earn a lot of money in their life but sometimes they may earn through illegal means. Police and investigation agencies can investigate them and prove them guilty. They should control their greed and stay away from illegal activities.

They will have the comforts of vehicles and servants but there will be some kind of mental distress among them. They will have trouble sleeping and may have nightmares. An Astrology Phone Consultation will guide you through your difficult days.


They should treat their wives well otherwise there is a possibility of divorce and the person will have a second marriage, which may not be fruitful. They should understand the emotions of their wives and pay attention to their problems.

These natives may gain significant weight after the age of forty-five, which will make them physically unfit, and may have problems with cholesterol levels and lung diseases. They should avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. Ask one question to our famous astrologer about your serious health problem.

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