Mars and Jupiter Conjunction in 10th House

Mars and Jupiter Conjunction in 10th House

Mars is the planet’s inherent symbol for the property. Mars in the 10th house may convey an inherited home, automobile, or piece of farmland. For the contentment of the house, Jupiter in the tenth house is not a positive sign. These people put restrictions on family members’ activities. Mars in the tenth house indicates a tendency to fight with close relatives.

The most beneficial and sought planet in this House is Jupiter. Jupiter in the tenth house produces excellent outcomes in terms of genetic inheritance, parental financial stability, and happiness among families. Such individuals avoid domestic disputes. In fact, they consistently attempt to resolve family members’ issues.

Effect of Mars and Jupiter Conjunction in 10th  House 

They have a tidy for tad policy in life and always respect those, who respect them. They can be very straightforward people and never hesitate to provide or seek assistance to others. But if they are however misrepresented by others, they will never let them go and will see them until the last.

Native people may be employed by the government. They might be employed by the ministry’s Department of home affairs. They could be employed by the Research and Analysis Wing or the Central Bureau of Investigation. They might be employed by Interpol. Where they work, they might be getting good positions. Native might have a prosperous career. Natives may always seek to get an advantage over their rivals.

Positive Effect Of Mars and Jupiter Conjunction in 10th House  

If other combinations are favorable, you will become an Indian Police Service officer since Mars and Jupiter in the 10th house symbolize the profession associated with bravery and administration, which symbolizes law and order. Nevertheless, one can find individuals of this sort working for the police as well as in the armed forces.

You could make a good instructor or professor of criminology or investigation-related courses. Jupiter’s aspect on this combination, the Taurus ascendant, and Mars’s placement in the 10th house will make you more likely to work in the entertainment industry as an actor. Mars and Jupiter Conjunction will give you the ability to take part in battles as a soldier and make your country proud of you.

They are devoted to God and always follow the instructions of their religious gurus before taking a major decision in their lives. You can Ask One Question to our astrologers if you are facing issues relating to your promotion in your career.

Negative Effect Of Mars and Jupiter Conjunction in 10th House 

They have a friendly attitude towards strangers which cause them problems in their professional and personal life. Others may interfere in their private matters and provide them with wrong suggestions which could spoil their family life.

They are prone to be kidnapped in their childhood and the motive behind it will be extorting money and sometimes enmity with their families.

They should always be careful as they have a chance of road accidents in middle age which can be even very fatal. They should not ride motorcycles and should choose to walk as it would keep them physically fit and sound.

These people have revengeful behavior. They don’t even think twice to harm a person who has wrongfully harmed them. They can have a murderer attitude and are cruel and very much egoistic persons.

Mars and Jupiter Conjunction in 10th House in Navamsa Chart

According to Navamsa Chart, this Conjunction has Guru Chandal Dosha. They may be cursed by their Gurus if they perform unethical conduct in life and as a result, their later years of life may be terrific. They may be wealthy but their married life can be disturbed due to the presence of other women except for their wives. This will create a loss in their social standing and will also affect their children. They can have an abnormal child or a special child.

The presence of Mars and Jupiter in the 10th house makes an individual introvert. They would stay away from the common people and will remain in a corner. Therefore at a later age in their lives, they can psychologically unstable and would find it difficult to cope with strange people. They may face challenges in official works and others may take him as a psychopath.

To rectify their sins, they should keep their gurus happy and satisfied and should worship lord Shani every Saturday, and donate food and clothing to street children. Take Astrology Phone Consultations to get rid of your issues and lead a carefree life.


Their health could be excellent in the first part of their lives but will start to deteriorate after the age of forty-five. They should stay away from smoking and drinking alcohol. They should regularly exercise in the morning and evening and make their body fit and fine. They may develop diseases like leukemia in their eyes as they have a tendency to get diabetes. They should avoid oily street foods and especially mutton.

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