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Makar Rashi Sade Sati - Sade Sati For Capricorn

Makar Rashi Sade Sati - Sade Sati For Capricorn

Capricorn is an earth sign which is ruled by Saturn itself, so naturally, the results of Shani Sade Sati for Capricorn will not be much harmful. The three phases of Sade Sati for Capricorn will bring different results depending on how close Saturn is to the natal Moon and in which sign it is located.

Saturn will make you feel very emotional and insecure during the period of Sade Sati. You'll just drift away. Though it is good to help others but too much involvement and help may not bring the desired results.

People may start taking you for granted. You can get so engrossed in all this that you neglect your family and personal life, which is not a good thing. During Sade Sati Capricorn, your desires will also increase and not being able to fulfill them can lead to dissatisfaction in life. Saturn wants you to keep your expectations realistic.

Makar Rashi Sade Sati Period

Shani Sade Sati in Capricorn started on 26 January 2017 and will end on 29 March 2025.

Sade Sati for Makar Rashi

Saturn is the lord of Capricorn. According to the Hindu Panchang, at present, the natives of Capricorn are undergoing the last Shani Sade Sati. When Shani's half-and-half descends, it is more dangerous. Family problems may have to be faced. There can be a possibility of accidents. Be careful while driving. Chant the mantras of Shani every evening.

First Phase of Sade Sati for Makar Rashi

The first phase of Shani Sade Sati begins for Capricorn when the transiting Saturn enters the 12th house from the Moon i.e. Sagittarius. Jupiter(Guru), the lord of Sagittarius, shares a neutral relationship with Saturn.

This phase brings mixed results. Here Saturn makes you a justice seeker, inclined to participate in social work. During this, the person works tirelessly. You want to get a name and fame in life.

You can change your job during this phase. This is a positive period as it brings victory over opponents. Although you sometimes feel stressed and lonely. You can take a spiritual journey with your parents during the first phase.

Second Phase of Sade Sati for Makar Rashi

When transiting Saturn enters your own Moon sign, the second phase of Shani Sade Sati begins for Capricorn. Since Shani is the lord of Capricorn, he feels at home here. You can buy land or property during this period. A career has become very important for you now. However, Shani makes sure that you work hard enough. Some conflicts also remain like you have to stay away from your family during this time.

Although you do very well in areas such as politics. During the second phase, you would like to do something for the needy and may also get involved in social work. You will be humble and kind but at the same time, focused and ambitious. The health of the mother can be a cause of concern during this phase.

Third Phase of Sade Sati for Makar Rashi

The third phase of Sade Sati begins with Saturn's transit into Aquarius, which is the second house from your Moon. You may get property from your father during the third phase. Some sudden gains are also possible.

In this phase of your life, your inclination towards occult sciences will increase. You may also get recognition and award and you may perform well in research. In fact, you can also start a new business. Family life also remains blissful during the third phase and health also remains sound.

Sade Sati Remedies for Capricorn

  • Recite Shani Chalisa. Feed the poor.

  • feed black sesame seeds to the ants

  • If possible, recite "Sunderkand Path" every evening in a Hanuman temple.

  • You can also chant Shani mantras like Beej Mantra (Om Pram Prem Praum Saha Shanaishcharaya Namah) while rotating the Rudraksha beads once.


Shani is the lord of the first and second house for Capricorns. They symbolize general health, life, personal affairs, wealth, family, eyes, etc. For you, Sade Sati begins when Saturn transits Sagittarius and ends when Saturn leaves Aquarius. Your Ardhashtam Shani moves when Shani transits the 4th house, Aries. Ashtam Shani runs when Saturn transits the eighth house, Leo. Saturn is your zodiac sign lord, so when you are going through a bad transit of Saturn, it will give less negative results as compared to other zodiac signs. If the Capricorn sign wants to know more about Sade Sati, then talk to astrologers.

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