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Major Yoga In Kundali And Their Importance

Major Yoga In Kundali And Their Importance

According to astrologers, every person has their yogas according to their date of birth and the situation of planets on the date of their birth. There are many different numbers of yoga according to our astrologers there are many yogas in our kundali which are completely based on our birth time and the position of planets. Generally, this position of planets and yogas is dependent on our Zodiac signs and they are quite important for our day-to-day life. Let’s take some detailed ideas about a few important yogas which are rare according to our astrologers.

Effects of Planets According to Yoga and its Kundali by Date of Birth


1. Panch Mahapurush Yoga


According to the yoga name, it represents five amalgamations of planets and according to our astrologers, every planet has its own personality and characteristics. In addition Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, and venus are completely combined with these planets and yoga. This yoga completely affects over personality and profit in our life. Furthermore, according to our Vedas, there is main five yoga that is also Combined in our panch Mahapurush yoga hamsa yoga, Malavya Yoga, Bhadra yoga, Ruchaka yoga, and Sasa yoga. Read more about Panch Mahapurush yoga


2. Budh Aditya Yoga


As per our yoga name, it represents planets like the sun and mercury which are really important for it. Both of these planets have different qualities and characteristics lake sun gives energy, power, and ego, and brings enthusiastic behavior to individuals' life whereas mercury provides knowledge, information, and smartness in one’s personality. Both of these conjunctions are completely connected to each other and mercury always takes care of the son’s personality. Read more about Budh Aditya Yoga


3. Chandra Mangal Yoga


Asper yoga pronunciation shows the power of the moon and Mars according to Chandra mangal yoga and it forms eat in the position of Chandra and munga. Chandra mangal yoga performed then the position of Chandrayaan mangal are at same house however when both of them give wrong effects it won’t work and won’t give benefit to that person. It is not strong enough than others but sometimes it gives knowledge about money and monetary things anyone sometime it makes people cruel.Read more about Chandra Mangal Yoga


4. Gaja Kesari Yoga


As per astrologers, Gaja Kesari yoga is really beneficial for everyone it is important for every person and gives a good effect on the person whose moon and Jupiter are at the same house in their birth chart. The person who is native of this yoga is completely blessed by wealth, knowledge, prosperity, personality, and characteristics. Read more about Gaja Kesari Yoga


5. Guru Mangal Yoga


Guru mangal yoga is your brother takes place when Jupiter and Mars are at the same place and occurs in your birth chart then only that person will belong to this yoga. It also happens when Jupiter takes place in the 7th house and mars takes place in the 1st house. Read more about Guru Mangal Yoga


6. Amala yoga


Amala yoga is also a nice yoga and gives spiritual effects in that person this yoga takes place in one’s life when mercury Venus and Jupiter's takes place in 10th at the same time. This yoga will give you benefit in your life and make you famous and intelligent according to the work. Read more about Amala yoga


7. Kahala Yoga


Kahala yoga is difficult to assume and it takes place whenever the 10th house and 4th are directly or indirectly connected to each other. Furthermore, sometimes the 4th house and 9th house also occur at the native house it also forms this yoga and gives you happiness in your life but sometimes it won’t affect whenever 1st planet position is not in the correct order. Read more about Kahala yoga


8. Lakshmi Yoga


Asper over astrology it is really important to that 9th is always a king in the Venus and Jupiter then only this yoga will form and its important planets are Venus and Jupiter. It also gives you monetary help and brings wealth to your life even it also gives you energy and enthusiastic nature. Read more about Lakshmi yoga


9. Raja Yoga


This yoga is rectified according to its name it’s for kings and it gives lots of achievements in your life and supports you by health and wealth it also gives success in your career and gives you lots of achievements in your further life this yoga. This yoga is rectified when a combination of planets and kundali. Read more about Raja yoga


10. Dhana Yoga


Generally, this yoga brings financial help and prosperity to you according to its name it is really passionate yoga. Moreover, it encourages you to invest your money in a good direction and helps you in giving information. Donna yoga has many types like Kotipati yoga, Shukra yoga, and Mahalaxmi yoga. This yoga attracts money in your life. Read more about Dhana yoga


11. Maha Bhagya Yoga


As per its name, it is really great for the future, this yoga means great and Bhagya means fortune this represents great fortune which brings different futures and amazing things in your future. Position of zodiac signs are in odd number then only this yoga will form in the male life. However, the position of the zodiac sign is an even number this yoga will form in the woman’s life. Read more about Maha Bhagya yoga


12. Akhanda Samrajya Yoga


This yoga will form when the 2nd 9th and 11th are placed at the strongest house. Moreover, this yoga gives you leadership power and quality and influences you to lead every person in society. Read more about Akhanda Samrajya yoga



As per astrologers, everything only and place of a planet in your birth chart has its own yoga and there are more than a hundred types of yoga it’s our time you want more information about it you can contact online Jyotish consultation, to ask one questions.

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