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GajaKesari Yoga: Gaj Kesari Yoga in Astrology

GajaKesari Yoga: Gaj Kesari Yoga in Astrology

In the current world lot of people believes in astrology and the situations and settings of planets sometimes the planets will be set in such a way that it creates yoga in it and in our boat chart. Every yoga has its own importance and characteristics in itself. So lots of people are really curious about the situations of yoga in their birth chart and love to take knowledge about the astrological positions of the planet. And today we are going to elaborate on the information about Gaja Kesari yoga and its formations.


How Gajakesari Yoga Formed

This yoga formation is not highly difficult it has quite an easy process of forming this yoga. This yoga is quite common yoga among people and it brings lots of quality to one’s life. This yoga is formed by two different planets Jupiter and the Moon. Generally, these two planets are also known as best friends, and when they occur in significant houses at that time Gaja Kesari Yoga forms.

This yoga will bring strength, Energy, Intelligence, and smartness to your personality. Because according to the name of this yoga Gaja represents the elephant that has intelligence and smartness however Kesari represents the lion which is energetic and full of strength so it means this yoga brings strength and intelligence to your life.

If this yoga is present in your kundali then your life is really prim and proper and you love your life and people used to respect you even if you are financially stable and you will gain lots of profit in your life your family will love you the most.

GajaKesari Yoga Benefits


This yoga has lots of benefits if you have Gaja Kesari Yoga on your birth chart. And the benefits are,

  • You will always stay financially capable and never have to ask for money from anyone your monetary status is really strong and capable even you will also help people with their financial problems and you find lots of happiness in financial status.

  • You always have repeated image and personality in your society even community will always respect you and no one insult you in front of a crowd you always love to stay prim and proper in front of society and your family member will also love you for this quality.

  • Moreover you have lots of skills due to this yoga which is present in your birth chart and the skills like you are a good communicator with others and you love to speak and do conversations with others and people also appreciate your this skill and your manners of speaking.

  • You are mentally clever due to this yoga and you have lots of knowledge about everything, your parents will really appreciate you for this quality and skill, due to this yoga which is present in your life.

  • In addition, you are a really courageous person and have lots of energy even your nature is enthusiastic and you have leadership quality in your life you always lead a group of peoples and everyone loved to follow your instructions.

GajaKesari Yoga Effects


Sometimes it also flipped back towards us because every coin has two sides one is negative and one is positive, now let’s discuss the negative points of this yoga.


  • When Jupiter and Capricorn come together in the same house then sometimes this yoga flips back towards you and gives you negative energy and negative energy like.

  • Sometimes this yoga gives you loss in life and takes your respect from society but when its power is loosed by itself and it’s also lost up when the moon and Jupiter will come together.



As per we grab knowledge about Gaja Kesari Yoga we find out that there are more benefits than it’s negative effects so according to the astrology world every yoga has its own positive effects. And hope you get a clear idea about Gaja Kesari Yoga. If you have any type of query we have online Jyotish consultancy, and you can ask one question.


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