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Libra Sun Scorpio Rising

Libra Sun Scorpio Rising

Libra Sun Scorpio Rising, you can't tolerate lies, and you speak your mind without hesitation, even if it hurts others. Perceptive and very clear-eyed, you immediately evaluate your interlocutor. Determined and tenacious, you demonstrate great strength of character in challenges, enabling you to overcome all obstacles. Despite your sociability, you essentially need to hold the reins of your life firmly and aspire to free yourself from influences while expressing your individuality.

At home you are free and imaginative, giving your loved ones as much freedom as possible. You engage in various bizarre activities that fascinate and intrigue observers. Always ready to intervene in domestic breakdowns, you are especially interested in the new technologies you fill your home with. You prefer to avoid emotional excesses as you are not very comfortable with family responsibilities and expressing emotions. This is where your occasional coldness comes from, but it doesn't stop you from loving sincerely. Professionally, with the Libra Sun rising in Scorpio, you need passion to be involved in any activity, and you probably prefer to work alone. Arts, craftsmanship, creation, and research are areas that are perfect for you. You crave responsibilities, and your natural authority leads you to easily attain positions of power. Jobs based on customers, people, art, luxury, and entertainment are suitable for you.

Libra Sun Scorpio Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, Some sulfur comes out from you; You alternate between passion and inspiration and focus entirely on your acute sensations. This is a perfect base for falling into masochism in your love. You are often attracted to impossible stories. You are full of secrets, contradictions, and jealousy which is troublesome for everyone. With the Libra Sun rising in Scorpio, you can overcome this aspect through an artistic life. You have values that remain untouched, which arise from your sensitivity, which may lead you to marginalize yourself from brotherly idealism and thus isolate yourself from others.

Despite being subject to worries and suffering, your personality is strong and your mysterious, mysterious, intense side makes you very attractive. You are friendly and communicative, but you also need moments of solitude. With an intuitive and intuitive nature, you live to the rhythm of your passions, impulses, and emotions.

Libra Sun Scorpio Rising Woman

Libra with Scorpio Rising are very sensual, and it seems that all their actions are filled with sensuality, they cannot live without sensuality; Even alone, they know how to help themselves, and are also prone to other such shady adventures. They are often unrestrained, willing to take risks in order to compensate for the values lost after such an intensive search.

They prefer direct conflicts, as they unconsciously seek the happiness of harmony. Loving the fights, enjoying the world - it seems that this is their motto, which the average resident, of course, does not understand: however, they simply do not pay attention to the average resident.

Libra Sun Scorpio Rising Man

The character of a man with Sun in Libra and rising in Scorpio seems somewhat isolated from his surroundings. While relying on society, they also feel that they feel suppressed to some extent and they react strongly to this. At their core, they prefer balance and poise, but others constantly interrupt their dreams to protect themselves from their bitterness, even if it doesn't line up with their convictions.

They may also misrepresent themselves or engage in drug abuse. Plus, as they say, they are "outspoken." They can do good work in science, they can do things that others can't do. Their moral foundations seem to others in a different light, since they are not guided by generally accepted opinions.

Libra Sun and Scorpio Rising Compatibility

Libra Sun Scorpio Rising is about passionate love relationships the need for affection and a deep desire for eternal love and marriage. Great matches include partners with Libra and Scorpio, Virgo and Sagittarius. There may be tension with Leo and Aquarius – signs of stable functioning. However, the fixed sign Taurus rules their 7th house of love, marriage, and relationships. Therefore, Taurus could be a good match, as it is a sign that is also ruled by Venus. Due to Scorpio being the opposite sign, there will be a lot of sexual sparks between these two.

Aries is a zodiac sign where there can be many explosive fights, as well as passionate sparks between these two. People with the Gemini zodiac sign will get support from the Libra side of this person, but there may be tension due to their coming into the Scorpio sign. Capricorn can create a very stable home environment for this Libra. People born under Cancer and Pisces make a loving union.


Libra Sun Scorpio Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, your emotional path is not simple, although you are passionate, enthusiastic agitated, and demanding, you doubt too much and dissatisfaction quickly attacks you. In fact, commitment scares you, and the idea that a relationship can become stagnant and lock you in makes you want to run away. When you are in love, you try your best to avoid falling into boring habits, thus, sensuality is never too far away. Libra Sun, Scorpio Rising, you have a complex character, and while you sometimes aspire to harmony, you often maintain strong relationships with your other half.

In love, you are passionate, demanding, and very sensual. Easily jealous, not easy to live with you; You need a special relationship, and definitely not a boring one. You are a victim of many self-questions that make your love life unpredictable. Finding balanced relationships will be central to your life.

Libra Sun Scorpio Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, you consume excessively and sometimes abuse food, drink, smoke, and sex. You are sleeping too little and all this causes stress and premature ageing. You should try to be more moderate in your hobbies, as you are at risk of gallbladder disease, toxicosis, and migraines. Also, handle hot and sharp objects with caution. There is a possibility of injury to your right hand and eyes. Basically, you are the cause of your disease.

Libra Sun Scorpio Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, your penchant for criticism often helps you pursue a career in occult research, chemistry, philosophy, or even espionage investigation. You are also attracted to maritime trade and government jobs. The financial situation is uncertain, especially in youth, but later life improves and you will be successful in matters related to foreign countries. You can have two businesses and both will generate income. In particular, you manage to work hard behind the scenes of events, and this may even bring you wealth.

Your personality is friendly and open to others and you especially enjoy living a life rich in various contacts. Exchanges are opportunities for enrichment and satisfaction, allowing you to expand your understanding beyond situations and anticipate the future more clearly. You have the ability to get to the bottom of things and are detail-oriented. In fact, you love to create, elaborate, analyze, and analyze, plus you don't want to stop at anything to achieve your goals. That's right, you are direct and authoritarian, plus, you maintain complex relationships with your coworkers, and struggle to take direction from management.


You are a glutton who can fill your stomach at record speed. You realize it may be some kind of compensation, but what kind of compensation? Overall in your case. If life goes relatively smoothly, you will always invent a problem and start drinking. When you are drunk, you start fights with whatever you get your hands on and one day you will definitely be arrested for it. It may even get to the point where your friends and relatives agree on whose turn it is to go to the police station and get you bail. Every time you regret your behavior, but when life knocks again, everything starts all over again. Try to be sensible, unless your loved one leaves you to cook in your own juice. If you want to know more about Libra Sun Scorpio rising then talk to astrology.

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