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Rahu Mahadasha on Zodiac Sign - Rahu Mahadasha on Ascendant

Rahu Mahadasha on Zodiac Sign - Rahu Mahadasha on Ascendant

According to astrology, Rahu is known as a malefic planet. Which brings many bad effects in life. The bad effects of Rahu make the mind unstable, disputes in love life, and troubles in life. Chirag Daruwalla is the son of Bejan Daruwalla will give you the right remedies to remove the Mahadasha of Rahu.


Rahu mahadasha for Aries ascendant


Ganesha says, Rahu in Aries gives the natives a moderate time where there is not much positive or negative but a time to simply pass on. And you need to handle it with patience and calmness in life.


Rahu Mahadasha For Taurus ascendant


Ganesha says, For Taurus natives, they might have a hard time at the start of the transit but after some time the issues and problems will be reduced and won’t give you much of a hard time in life.


Rahu Mahadasha For Gemini ascendant


Ganesha says, the Gemini natives might have a good time at the start of the time but after that a constant tussle in their personal life. Which will be hard to overcome and face some issues.


Rahu Mahadasha For Cancer ascendant


Cancer natives also do not face severe issues in life by this transit. You might feel some easiness in life but nothing major will give you trouble in life. And you can overcome this situation and transition easily in life.


Rahu Mahadasha For Leo ascendant


Ganesha says, the Leo natives might have a tough time in life and deal with it throughout. You have to be calm, confident, and at peace to handle this tough situation related to your family and professional life.


Rahu Mahadasha For Virgo ascendant


Ganesha says, the Virgos are the only ones who will remain unbothered in their life during this phase. Because there won’t be much to deal with by them in their life, they will be calm and peaceful in handling these things in life.


Rahu Mahadasha For Libra ascendant


Ganesha says, Libra is the unique one, you won’t face any trouble at the start or the end but in the mid-transit. That will be also related to some distant things which you could have never imagined in your life.


Rahu Mahadasha For Scorpio ascendant

Ganesha says, the Scorpio natives will have a hard time in their professional life because of Rahu. It creates some major bothersome issues in your professional life, which you need to handle completely with patience.


Rahu Mahadasha For Sagittarius ascendant


Ganesha says, for Sagittarius natives, things will get complicated in love life. Where you have to face some major issues in the love life by this transit of Rahu. Make sure to spare this time properly with care and understanding.


Rahu Mahadasha For Capricorn ascendant


Ganesha says, the Capricorn natives have a moderate effect on your life. Where you won’t need to worry much about anything but need to be careful of minor issues in life. Handle things in life wisely.


Rahu Mahadahsa For Aquarius ascendant


Ganesha says, for the Aquarius natives, the only trouble in life is wealth. The money flow will be a major issue in your life, and you need to overcome this situation as soon as possible for your betterment in life.


Rahu Mahadasha For Pisces ascendant


Ganesha says, the Pisces natives will have some major issues in the family relationships. Where they need to take care and responsibility for many different things in life and help their family and support them to overcome these tough times in life.


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