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Antardasha of All The Planets in The Mahadasha of Rahu

Antardasha of All The Planets in The Mahadasha of Rahu

Rahu is also called a demon. The Mahadasha of Rahu for 18 years. Due to the Mahadasha of Rahu, a person gets absorbed in addictions like gambling, alcohol, etc. This makes the person negative and his ambition to get more money makes the person lose the understanding of good and bad.


What is Rahu mahadasha Mars antardasha


Ganesha says the Rahu Mahadasha is when the Rahu enters Mars to make Antardasha. Mars is one of the strongest planets in the system and its effect on Rahu can give both immensely good and bad times in your life. With the help of astrology, you can give solutions to your life.


What is Rahu mahadasha Saturn antardasha


Ganesha says, when Rahu enters Saturn it is called Saturn Antardasha, in this state, Rahu overpowers the position of Saturn and brings both good and bad times in life. There is not much to worry about but might face issues in life-related to wealth. But astrology can give you remedies to these problems.


What is Rahu mahadasha Moon antardasha


Ganesha says the Moon Antardasha is when the positive moon comes in the transit of Rahu and makes its effect worse on life. All the positive positions of zodiac signs turn into negative and give the hard times in life. This is the most unwanted transit in the astrological world.

What is Rahu mahadasha Venus antardasha


Ganesha says, Venus is known as one of the most helpful planets in the system and its transit with Rahu has a chance of remedying that luck and good times in life, but nothing extremely worse in life. This can give you minor troubles in life which can be solved easily by astrology.


What is Rahu mahadasha Ketu antardasha


Ketu and Rahu are both malefic planets, so this Dosha is considered negative in astrology, especially for physical and mental health. A health problem troubles the native a lot. During this, problems also arise in the financial situation. This planet also brings trouble in relationships.


What is Rahu mahadasha rahu antardasha


Ganesha says the Rahu antardasha is a place where the Rahu enters or transit in the house where Rahu is sited before. This transit is one of the most interesting transit because either it can give you good times in life or completely bad. There is no in-between to balance it out. You need astrology help to solve all the problems by astrological remedies.

What is Rahu mahadasha Mercury antardasha


Ganesha says, Mercury is the make-or-break planet in the astrological system. By transiting it with Rahu you can either have the most gala time of your life or you can have the worst times in life. To overcome the worst times in life, you can take astrological guidance and solutions.


What is Rahu mahadasha Jupiter antardasha


Ganesha says Jupiter has one of the strongest positions in the astrological planet's system. This brings fortune, wealth, and love in life. The transition brings immense good times in life but you should do it with care and understanding and better take astrological help for complete understanding and knowledge.


What is Rahu mahadasha Sun antardasha


Ganesha says, the Sun and Rahu are the biggest enemies, the transit in one house of these two makes a worse scenario in life, that will be hard to overcome in life. For that time expert astrology solutions and remedies are needed to overcome this hurdle in life with proper solutions and rituals.


Talk to astrologer Chirag Bejan Daruwalla. He has the expertise in helping the overcoming situation regarding Rahu in the house. He has all the solutions related to any aspect of your life with proper knowledge, understanding, and ideas.


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