Ketu Mahadasha for Leo Ascendant

Ketu Mahadasha for Leo Ascendant

The ruling planet of Leo is the Sun, which is the arch-enemy of Ketu. Being a fire, Sun gives aggression and ambition to Leo. When Ketu is located in the fiery sign of Leo, it makes the natives impulsive. Due to the difficulties and ambition imposed by Ketu Mahadasha, the native often gets angry without any reason or misconception. Ketu in Leo gives a baffling personality to the native. Such people feel a lot of incalculability before doing anything new. The lack of confidence persists. There are many questions and doubts in their mind about everything.

Such people tend to be afraid of poison and snakes. Ketu in Sun also makes a person a victim of stomach-related problems. Such people are knowledgeable in many languages. While they are talkative, they are not much involved in society. They can be quite impatient at times. He is interested in artistic works. Sometimes they are good actors. These people also get success in politics. They are self-reliant and have strong management and administrative skills.

Result of Ketu Mahadasha for Leo Ascendant

In Leo Ascendant, Ketu is the ruler of the eighth house. Being the lord of the eighth house, Ketu is responsible for diseases, life, age, cause of death, mental anxiety, sea voyage, atheist ideology, in-laws' house, misfortune, poverty, laziness, prison visit, hospital and operation, ghosts, ghosts, magic. represents.

Ketu being the ruler of the eighth house, the person's disease, life, age, cause of death, mental anxiety, sea voyage, atheistic thoughts, in-laws' house, misfortune, poverty, laziness, secret place, jail trip, hospital, incision operation, ghost, ghost, magic Sorcery is representative of subjects like the gruesome sorrows of life. Due to the strong and auspicious influence of Ketu in Janam Patri or Dashakal, the native gets auspicious outcomes in the above-mentioned subjects, while being under weak and inauspicious influence gives inauspicious results.

The effect of Ketu Mahadasha for Leo Ascendant can show some adverse situations to the person in terms of education. The presence of Ketu can also cause health problems. Diseases related to heart, blood pressure, and asthma can be a cause of concern. Due to the enemy of Ketu with Leo, many kinds of useless things can increase anxiety.

Positive Effects of Ketu Mahadasha for Leo Ascendant

The person gets the support of money, family, and family. The speech of the native is diplomatic. Succeeds in competition. Can remove obstacles from speech. There is success in professional life. The person gets complete happiness of land, house, vehicle, and mother when the exalted sign Scorpio enters the fourth house. Obstacles go away. Work is also done in better condition. There is a possibility of foreign settlement. Aquarius is a friend of Ketu. If Shani Dev is auspicious, then there is auspiciousness in the results obtained from Ketu. The person has a clever mind, is tough working, a good speaker, gets the support of younger brothers and elders sisters and family, and earns a profit. Relations with wife and partners are pleasant. Such a person is very hardworking.

Negative Effects of Mahadasha of Ketu on Leo Ascendant

The mighty Sun is the ruling planet of Leo and is the pure enemy of Ketu. If there is Ketu in the Ascendant in Leo, then most of the outcomes will be inauspicious. In the Mahadasha of Ketu, the person remains unwell, the stomach remains upset, there is a chance of getting a child late, and there is a sudden loss. There is discord in hitched life, there is a loss in partnership work, relations with the father are not nice, and the person is an atheist, and travels foreign. Being located in the Libra sign, there is discord between younger and elder siblings. The destiny of the person rarely supports him. Pitrabhakt is not of religious tendency. Hitched life is not happy, there is no profit in partnership work. The outcomes of tough work are very less. Here, due to the position of Ketu in the eighth house, there is a hindrance in every work of the native. Stress remains in the Mahadasha of Ketu.

There is a problem in the thighs or knees. By going to the original triangle of the horoscope, the person does not get along with his father, he gets an irritating personality, and there is a delay in having a child. You don't get the fruit of hard work. travels abroad. There is a failure in love affairs. Relations with the parents deteriorate, wasteful expenditure takes place, and the family doesn't get support. There is a lack of amenities. Foreign settlement can happen. Problems increase when it comes to a low zodiac, there is a possibility of staying away from the family. The person doesn't get the pleasure of land, paternal house, or vehicle. The mind remains estranged from the mother. Work comes to the verge of closure. The family doesn't support it, one has to face defeat in the competition. Jobs keep changing. Do not do any work by spending cash from your pocket in Ketu Mahadasha.


If Sun is with Ketu here, then the person will be knowledgeable and respected in society. There will be a respected and respectable personality of high quality in society. If the sun is weak in the horoscope, then there is a decrease in the happiness of children, delay in having children, and miscarriage. There will be differences between the children. There will be trouble in the field of education. Jatak will get less luck. The native will face problems in getting benefits. The personality of the native will be confused. Through Astrology Phone Consultation, you can know in detail about Ketu Mahadasha in Leo Ascendant.

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