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Ketu in Taurus Ascendant

Ketu in Taurus Ascendant

In Taurus ascendant Kundali, Ketu is generally going to give good results to the native because he has friendly relations with ascendant lord Venus. Physically, they make the person calm and serious. Education gives good results to the native, children are the ones who give good results in the married life of the native. The native gets modern higher education.


Ketu in all 12 Houses for Taurus Ascendant  


Ketu in 1st House Taurus Ascendant 

Taurus is the debilitated sign of Ketu. If there is Ketu in the Ascendant in Taurus, then most of the results will be inauspicious. In the Mahadasha of Ketu, the stomach remains upset, there is a delay in having a child, and there is a sudden loss. There are problems in married life, there is a loss in partnership work, relations with the father remain bad, and the person is an atheist, and travels abroad.


Ketu in 2nd House Taurus Ascendant 

Gemini is also the debilitated sign of Ketu. The mind of such a person is worried, he does not get the support of money and family. The person has control over his speech. Fails in the competition. There is an obstacle in every work. Professional life is full of troubles.


Ketu in 3rd House Taurus Ascendant 

The person is courageous and does energetic work. The native works hard for progress but stays away from brothers and sisters. The person is courageous, hardworking, confident, and restless. There are problems in the relations with the siblings of the native and in the marital life. native does not get profit in partnership work.


Ketu in 4th House Taurus Ascendant


The native is physically weak and emotionally disturbed. The person remains restless. The person has good patience and self-confidence. The person is stubborn and proud, clever and cunning. Their mother has to face trouble from the native. The native faces problems in the profession.


Ketu in 5th House Taurus Ascendant 

The native feels great difficulty in studies and lack of education, some weakness in talking to others, and loss of children. Health problems related to the stomach and lungs of the native. The person is careless about his personality. Natives may face many problems related to stability in their profession and career.


Ketu in 6th House Taurus Ascendant 

The person is brave and courageous. The native faces their enemies bravely and overcomes all kinds of difficulties and troubles coming their way with courage and patience. The native works hard to increase their income. The native may be troubled due to illness.


Ketu in 7th House Taurus Ascendant 

Native also finds problems in business, faces all difficulties and problems carefully, and succeeds in the end. Relations in the business of the native are good. The native has to face a lot of troubles and problems before the ultimate success in business and personal satisfaction.


Ketu in 8th House Taurus Ascendant 

Due to the position of Ketu in the eighth house, there is a hindrance in every work of the native. Tension remains in the Mahadasha of Ketu. Wisdom does not support it. The relationship with the father gets spoiled, wasteful expenditure happens, and the family doesn't get support. There is a lack of amenities. Foreign settlement can happen.


Ketu in 9th House Taurus Ascendant 

Due to Ketu being in the zodiac sign of his friend Saturn in the ninth house, along with making the person lucky and without ostentation, the person gets higher education. The person is courageous and mighty. The native gets the happiness of younger siblings and children.


Ketu in 10th House Taurus Ascendant 

The native is not happy with his father and faces problems in the affairs of government and society. The native work intelligently in business and later achieves success. The native appears to be wealthy, happy, and prestigious. The native faces all the difficulties and troubles on the way and achieves success in life.


Ketu in 11th House Taurus Ascendant 

When Ketu is located in the enemy sign Pisces, there is no affection for elder brothers and sisters. There is no chance of getting a child, delay is necessary for getting a child. There is no possibility of sudden monetary gain in Ketu Mahadasha. There is no cooperation from the wife and partners.


Ketu in 12th House Taurus Ascendant 

If Ketu is situated in Aries and twelfth house, expenditure increases, and there is a possibility of illness. The mind remains troubled. Expenses are incurred in court cases and hospitals. Failure comes in the hands of competition, happiness of land, house, and vehicle is not available. Foreign travel becomes the sum of the settlement. There is a hindrance in all the work and tension-depression remains continuous.


Rahu and Ketu are known as negative planets. Talk to astrologers to know about the measures to remove the negative effects of Ketu in Taurus ascendant.

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