Ketu in Leo Ascendant

Ketu in Leo Ascendant

People born in the Leo Ascendant are ambitious, generous, respectable, open-minded, hot-tempered, self-reliant, reliable, fearless, impulsive, determined, protective, and conscientious. Very enthusiastic for the development of mankind. They always forgive others.  


Ketu in all 12 Houses for Leo Ascendant 


Ketu in 1st House Leo Ascendant 


Leo is the enemy of Ketu. If there is Ketu in the Ascendant in Leo, then most of the results will be inauspicious. In the Mahadasha of Ketu, the person remains unwell and has an upset stomach, there is a possibility of getting a child late, and there is a sudden loss. There is a loss in partnership work, there is discord in married life,  and relations with the father are not good.


Ketu in 2nd House Leo Ascendant 


The person with Ketu in the second house of Leo Ascendant is patient and works very patiently. The native uses secret methods to improve his business profession. The native works hard and eventually gets success in increasing family wealth and happiness. If Mercury is in a good position and strong then very good results will be seen.


Ketu in 3rd House Leo Ascendant


When Ketu is located in the Libra sign, there is discord between younger and elder brothers and sisters. The luck of the person does not support them. Pitra devotee is not of religious tendency. The married life of the native is not spent happily, there is no benefit in the work of the partnership. The result of hard work is very less.


Ketu in 4th House Leo Ascendant


The native with Ketu in the 4th house for Leo Ascendant is clever but lacks motherly love, happiness, and care. The native Ketu in the 4th house of Leo Ascendant faces problems in acquiring immovable property and feels unhappy. The person is always worried. The native faces difficulties but in the end gets some success and happiness.


Ketu in 5th House Leo Ascendant


Relations with children remain good, there is a sudden benefit. Relations with elder brothers and sisters remain satisfactory. The person's memory is good, the person is a believer, and they are made from their father. Has an attractive personality, and knows how to get their work done.


Ketu in 6th House Leo Ascendant


Due to being situated in the sixth house, there is expenditure on court cases and hospitals. The fear of accidents remains. Professional life gets worse. Speech is bad, the family does not get support. There are many problems in professional life. The person stays away from home and his speech gets spoiled.


Ketu in 7th House Leo Ascendant


Aquarius is a friend of Ketu. If Shani is situated auspicious, then there is auspiciousness in the results obtained from Ketu. The person has a sharp mind, is hardworking, a good speaker gets the support of younger-elder brothers and sisters and family, and earns a profit. Relations with wife and partners are pleasant. Such a person would be very hardworking.


Ketu in 8th House Leo Ascendant


Due to the position of Ketu in the eighth house, there is a hindrance in every work of the native. Tension remains in the Mahadasha of Ketu. Wisdom does not support, there is a lack of money. The relationship with the father of the native deteriorates, there are a lot of extravagances and the family does not cooperate in doing any work. There is a lack of amenities. Foreign settlement can happen.


Ketu in 9th House Leo Ascendant


The person faces problems in the thighs or knees. By going to the original triangle of the Kundli, the person does not get along with their father, gets an irritating personality, and there is a delay in having a child. You don't get the result of hard work. travels abroad. There is a failure in love affairs.


Ketu in 10th House Leo Ascendant


Problems increase when Ketu comes in a low sign, there is a possibility of staying away from the family. The person does not get the pleasure of land, house, or vehicle. The mind remains estranged from the mother. Work comes to the verge of closure. The family does not support it, one has to face defeat in the competition. Jobs keep changing. Do not do any work by spending money from your pocket in Ketu Mahadasha.


Ketu in 11th House Leo Ascendant


When Ketu is situated in its debilitated sign Gemini, relations with elder brothers and sisters are not good. There is a sudden loss of money in the Mahadasha of Ketu. There are problems in the relationship with the wife and there is a loss from the partnership. Due to the debilitated sign of Ketu, most of the results will be inauspicious. There is a delay in getting a child or the child gets hurt.


Ketu in 12th House Leo Ascendant


The person with Ketu in the 12th house of Leo Ascendant spends a lot and remains worried about the expenses. The native with Ketu in the twelfth house of Leo ascendant faces difficulties but ultimately succeeds in controlling the expenditure. The native with Ketu in the twelfth house of Leo Ascendant creates new sources of earning money and enjoys a happy, comfortable and prosperous life.


Ketu in Leo ascendant gives results based on its position. Talk to astrologers to know about the remedies to remove the negative effects of Ketu in Leo ascendant.

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