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Jupiter Opposite Venus

Jupiter Opposite Venus

Jupiter Opposite Venus is the only pleasant transit that brings happiness and harmony in relationships. It also brings new relationships that can be very important. You are more capable of surrendering and feel better living and sharing in the company of other people. This may mean a period of emotional struggle over a sense of opposite freedom, but you can see where you must compromise, where you must give in, and where you must not compromise. It is important not to hide things and that everything is clear and transparent.

You feel more affectionate, any inhibition bothers you. That's why you have to express your need for affection openly. Extravagance, lack of restraint, and excessive financial expenditure can lead you astray. This means that you currently have the financial resources to feel comfortable with, but you shouldn't waste them. Be careful not to eat too rich food or drink too much. You must be balanced with yourself and others.

Jupiter Opposite Venus Natal

Perhaps you feel like someone is always trying to rain on your figurative parade. You want to enjoy life in grand style, and you are not inclined to spend on any of your demanding or quality goods and services. This might lead you to believe that most people underestimate how to enjoy life, preferring to live for an uncertain future rather than appreciate what they can in the present. You're not completely wrong about that. You can help others remember that life should be lived more with pleasure than with hard work, whether it's with a party, an act of kindness, or both. But everything we enjoy doesn't come from nowhere. The pleasures we enjoy always have a price and a price—and someone has to pay for them. If you can live more in harmony with that feeling, you'll be less annoyed when it rains on your glory parade.

Jupiter Opposite Venus Synastry

With a Jupiter opposition Venus synastry aspect, you probably hide your true self when you first meet. Have you ever felt like you've found your perfect partner, the person who is everything you ever wanted, and you don't see that person beyond the mask? Both of you wear rose-colored glasses in this relationship during the initial stages. Your relationship with Jupiter in opposition to Venus makes you feel good over time.

This partnership can almost be an addiction. You want the idealized image of the other person, the partner you first saw, but this image is not real. Over time, this image will crash. You need to develop a bond that's deeper than your initial attraction, or the relationship won't last long. You will realize that your partner is a different person than you thought. With a Jupiter solstice aspect in opposition to Venus, you may find that you have very little in common and have different core values.

Jupiter Opposite Venus Transit

Your love will not be denied for anything. Although you have your own personal history of times when you denied yourself happiness and joy, it is likely that you are encountering other people who resist you from getting what you want for their own reasons. This can be very troubling if it is your loved ones who stand in your way, such as a partner, friend, family, or co-worker. It's entirely possible that you're trying to enjoy too much too soon. Yet only you can adequately judge what is too much and when is too soon. And that's probably where you're experiencing the most resistance and confusion: You're having trouble figuring it out. If you're gaining a lot of weight or noticing that it's hard to keep it together, you're probably inclined toward overeating. Another way is to pay attention to what is happening around you. If your bank and credit balance is messed up, chances are you need to pull back.


These differences may be social prestige, financial, aesthetic, spiritual values, political beliefs, or simply expectations about your morality. Often, this relationship ends simply because you become disillusioned. Jupiter opposite Venus may have too many differences to handle. If you want a Jupiter opposite Venus transit relationship to work, you will have to bring your differences out into the open and accept the other person for who they really are and your partner may have to do the same. You should accept the reality of your relationship. This is very difficult because the truth won't give you the same "high" you initially experienced around your partner. If you want to know more about Jupiter Opposite Venus, then talk to astrologers online.

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