Jupiter Mahadasha for Gemini Ascendant

Jupiter Mahadasha for Gemini Ascendant

Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini, which is a double-air sign. Jupiter's relationship with Mercury, the lord of Gemini, is hostile. However, both the planets are benefic so this position is good for the native, and also because both these planets are associated with knowledge and intelligence. As intelligent and learned people, these natives are exceptional in their studies. Even if they are not able to get a formal education in their life due to circumstances, these people have intense intellectual curiosity. They always find a way to learn, and gain a lot of experience and learning from their travels and adventures in life. These natives are always open to new creativity and interpretations.

Jupiter in Gemini also makes a person a diplomat; The native can handle critical situations tactfully. His physical stature is impressive. Such people are well-formed and tall. As a person, they are very helpful, devoted, efficient, and dedicated to their work. They are very reliable and take their responsibilities seriously. His heart is pure. They do well in areas involving psychological understanding and intuition such as teaching and occult fields according to astrology. Jupiter in Gemini also makes the native a great poet.

Results of Jupiter Mahadasha for Gemini Ascendant

In Gemini Ascendant, Jupiter being the lord of the seventh house represents subjects like Lakshmi, woman, sex, death, theft, quarrel, disturbance, nuisance, genitals, business, and fire. Auspicious and strong Jupiter gives very auspicious results in these subjects whereas weak and malefic past Jupiter gives inauspicious results in these subjects.

In Gemini's ascendant, Jupiter is the ruler of the seventh house. It is responsible for subjects like Lakshmi, women, lust, theft, quarrel, disturbance, disturbance, and fire. The strong position of Jupiter gives you very auspicious results in your zodiac sign and the weak position gives inauspicious results.

Positive Effects of Jupiter Mahadasha for Gemini Ascendant

Jupiter gets the power of direction when it is situated in the Ascendant in Gemini. If there is Jupiter in the Ascendant, then the person is knowledgeable, faithful, a devotee of his father, and intelligent. Jupiter's Mahadasha and Antardasha give birth to a son, with good health, strong willpower, happy married life, gains in partnership work, and foreign trips. Due to being in a high zodiac, such a person gets the full support of money, family, and family. Sweet voice. Overcomes all difficulties with his energy, influence, speech, and decision-making ability. There is victory in the competition, and court case. Obstacles are removed and there is progress in professional life.

Son's yoga is formed, health remains good, and resolution power is better. Suddenly there is a situation of profit. Relations with elder brothers and sisters remain sweet. The person is very intelligent, religious in nature, and devoted to his father. The natives get complete pleasure with land, paternal property, and vehicle. He is very attached to his mother. Work comes in better condition. With family support, there is no shortage of money. There is a victory in the law court case.

Negative Effect of Jupiter's Mahadasha on Gemini Ascendant

Here the Jupiter does not give auspicious results. Expenses are incurred in a court case or hospital. The fear of accidents remains. Professional life gets worse. The family does not get along. There is a loss of money. Here, due to Jupiter being situated in the eighth house, there is a hindrance in every work of the native. Tension remains in Jupiter's Mahadasha. Wisdom does not support it. Wasteful expenditure happens and does not get the support of the family. There is a lack of amenities. Foreign settlement can happen. There is a possibility of getting the stomach-related disease. The mind remains troubled. Expenses are incurred in law court cases and hospitals. There is a failure in competition, and court cases, and there is no happiness in land, house, or vehicle. There is a decrease in the pleasure of the mother. There is a hindrance in all the work and tension-depression remains.

The person is very hardworking, but luck of the person does not support him even after a lot of hard work. Klesha yoga is formed by the younger brother. Does not have a religious tendency. Married life is not good, even after a lot of hard work in partnership work, there is no profit. Jatak is a devotee of his father, one who travels abroad. You get the cooperation and benefits of elder brothers and sisters only after a lot of hard work. The person gets some results after working hard.


In the Gemini Ascendant Kundli, Dev Guru Jupiter is the seventh and tenth lord. Therefore, Jupiter is an even house in this Ascendant Kundli. After proper analysis of Gemini Ascendant Kundli, the native can be made to wear Jupiter Ratna Pukhraj. In the absence of proper analysis, no stone should be worn. Note that it should be considered best for a causative planet to be strong in strength and to be in an auspicious position, and for a malefic planet to be weak in strength. Through Astrology Phone Consultation, only after proper analysis of the Kundli, the remedial decision is taken whether to strengthen the said planet with gemstones, reduce the effect of the planet through charity, pacify the planet with the water flow of certain elements, or By chanting the mantra, we have to get protection by getting the blessings of the said planet.