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Jupiter in Taurus Ascendant

Jupiter in Taurus Ascendant

In Taurus Ascendant Kundli, Dev Guru Jupiter is the eighth lord, the eleventh house. Therefore, in this ascendant horoscope of Daitya Ascendant, Dev Guru is an antidote. In such a situation, most of the results are inauspicious in the Dasha of the guru and in the Antardasha. Only in the case of Vipreet Raja Yoga, the Dev Guru gives auspicious results. The native of Taurus ascendant should not wear Ratna Pukhraj under any circumstances. When the planets are strong in strength, they give more auspicious or more inauspicious results. On the contrary, if the planets are weak in strength, they give less auspicious or less inauspicious results. 



Jupiter in all 12 Houses for Taurus  Ascendant


Jupiter in 1st House Taurus Ascendant


When placed in the Ascendant in Taurus, Jupiter gets direction. If there is a Guru in the Ascendant, the person will not be a patriarch, believer, is intelligent. In the Mahadasha of Jupiter, Antardasha gives birth to a son, an upset stomach, lack of determination, sudden losses, and loss of respect in society. Married life is not happy, there is no profit in partnership work, and the person travels abroad.


Jupiter in 2nd House Taurus Ascendant


Such a person gets the full support of wealth and family. There is a sweet voice. But with his energy, influence, speech, and decision ability, he has not been able to overcome all the difficulties. Competition is lost in a court case. Interruptions remain and professional life is disturbed.


Jupiter in 3rd House Taurus Ascendant


The person is very hardworking. The fate of the native does not favor him. The younger brother's yoga is formed. Not paternalistic. There is a religious tendency. There is a lack of happiness in married life, there is a loss in the work of the partnership. You get the support of elder brothers and sisters. The native gets some results after working hard.


Jupiter in 4th House Taurus Ascendant


Being a Jupiter in the fourth house, the person does not get complete happiness of land, house, vehicle, and mother. Mother is facing some problem or the other. The work of the native is also not done in proper condition. There are chances of foreign settlement of the natives.


Jupiter in 5th House Taurus Ascendant


The sum of getting a son is formed, the stomach remains bad, and the willpower is weak. There is a sudden loss. Relations with elder brothers and sisters are fine. The person is very intelligent and does not have religious tendencies.


Jupiter in 6th House Taurus Ascendant


If Venus is strong and benefic, then opposite Raja Yoga is formed and Guru gives auspicious results. On the contrary, if the Vipreet Raja Yoga is not made, then there is a cost in the court case and hospital. The fear of accidents remains. Professional life gets worse. Family support is not available.


Jupiter in 7th House Taurus Ascendant


There is discord in the married life of the native, estrangement with partners, and bad relations. There is a benefit from elder siblings. The person is very hardworking and does not get along with younger siblings.


Jupiter in 8th House Taurus Ascendant


Due to the placement of Jupiter in the eighth house, there is a hindrance in all the work of the native. Tension remains in the Mahadasha of Jupiter. Wisdom does not support it. There is a wasteful expenditure, family support is not available. There is a lack of amenities. In the case of Vipreet Raja Yoga, know the auspicious results.


Jupiter in 9th House Taurus Ascendant


Being in a debilitated sign of Jupiter, the person is not intelligent, religious, or a paternal devotee. There is a hindrance in foreign travel, weak intellect, trouble with younger siblings, the fruit of hard work is not available, the person has some or the other problems related to children.


Jupiter in 10th House Taurus Ascendant


The person does not get the happiness of land, house, or vehicle. The native does not get the happiness of the mother. The work comes to the verge of closure. The family does not support it, there is a lack of money. You have to face defeat in the competition. The fear of accidents remains.


Jupiter in 11th House Taurus Ascendant


When situated here, the affection of elder brothers and sisters remains, and benefits are received. The trouble with younger siblings, the sum of getting a son is formed. There is a possibility of sudden monetary gains in the Mahadasha of Jupiter. There is loss from wife and partners.


Jupiter in 12th House Taurus Ascendant


In the case of Vipreet Raja Yoga, there are auspicious results, otherwise, there is a possibility of stomach disease. The mind remains troubled. Court cases, hospital expenses. There is failure in the competition, there is no happiness in land, house, or vehicle. The native does not get the happiness of the mother. There is a hindrance in all the work and tension-depression remains.


Jupiter in Taurus ascendant gives results based on its position. There are positive and negative results of Jupiter in Taurus ascendant. Talk to Astrologer Chirag Daruwalla to know about the remedies to remove the negative effect of Jupiter in the Taurus ascendant.

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