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Jupiter in Scorpio Ascendant

Jupiter in Scorpio Ascendant

The people born in Scorpio ascendant tend to be dictators, experts related to mineral salts, critics, or thugs. Such people often get success in the political field. Such people are violent by nature. The remarks made against you quickly get angry. Some are hot by nature, but they are not cruel and merciless. The feeling of vengeance is embedded in them. For the sake of selfishness, they do not hesitate to make the enemy their friend. Such a person is interested in the arts of music and dance, reliable, ethical, scholar, mathematician, thoughtful, skeptical, knowledgeable in the field, and tactful accumulation of wealth.

Jupiter in all 12 Houses for Scorpio Ascendant 


Jupiter in 1st House Scorpio Ascendant

If there is a Jupiter in the ascendant, then the person is very intelligent, and the sum of getting a son is formed. For married life, Guru bestows auspiciousness and the work of partnership creates the sum of profit. In the Mahadasha of Jupiter, luck favors the natives a lot. The native gets benefited from traveling abroad.


Jupiter in 2nd House Scorpio Ascendant


Such a person gets the support of family and family. Money keeps coming into the family of the native. The voice of the native is very good. Obstacles are easily removed in the Mahadasha of Jupiter, the person progresses in professional life.


Jupiter in 3rd House Scorpio Ascendant


Being a debilitated zodiac sign, even after hard work in the Mahadasha of the guru, the fate of the person works with him. The younger brother's yoga is formed. There are problems in married life and partnership. The person is not a patriarch, he is religious. Along with the younger and elder siblings, there is a rift with the father as well.


Jupiter in 4th House Scorpio Ascendant


By having Jupiter in the fourth house, the person gets complete happiness in land, house, vehicle, and mother. Obstacles are removed. The work is also in good condition. There are foreign trips, there is also a possibility of foreign settlement. If there is any disease in the chest, it gets cured in the Mahadasha of Jupiter. Jupiter is able to provide auspicious and inauspicious results according to its strength in your birth chart.


Jupiter in 5th House Scorpio Ascendant


The intellect of such a person is very sharp. In the Mahadasha of the Guru, the sum of getting a son is formed. The health of the natives remains good. There is sweetness in the relationship of the native with their father and elder siblings. The mind of the person remains calm.


Jupiter in 6th House Scorpio Ascendant


The health of a family member or son or both remains bad. Due to the illness of a family member, the hospital expenses of the person increase. The fear of accidents remains. The native gets success after hard work in the competitive field. The profession comes to a standstill. There is some tension or the other in the Mahadasha of Jupiter. Their throat remains bad, family members have problems. Family support is not obtained and the sum of foreign settlement is also formed.


Jupiter in 7th House Scorpio Ascendant


The life partner of the person is intelligent, there is a possibility of getting profit from business and partners. Relations with elder brother and sister remain good, benefits are received, the person appears intelligent, is hardworking, younger brother's yoga is formed.


Jupiter in 8th House Scorpio Ascendant


Due to the placement of Jupiter in the eighth house, the health of the native's son may remain poor. There is a hindrance in the work of the native. Extravagant expenses keep happening. The person does not get the support of the family, there is a loss of money. There is a decrease in the happiness of land, house, and vehicle, there is also bitterness in the relationship with the mother. It is also possible to stay away from the native's house.


Jupiter in 9th House Scorpio Ascendant


The person is a believer. The native is the one who respects the father and the guru. The fifth vision of the Guru makes the person intelligent, the seventh vision makes the person hardworking and the ninth vision gives birth to a son, sudden profit gains, and the person's health remains good.


Jupiter in 10th House Scorpio Ascendant


In the Mahadasha of Jupiter, the profession of the person is in good condition. Wealth and family get full support. The native gets happiness from land, house, vehicle, and mother. Competition, wins in court cases and gets rid of diseases, is able to pay debts on time.


Jupiter in 11th House Scorpio Ascendant


Relations with elder and younger siblings remain cordial during their Mahadasha. Health remains good. The birth of a son is formed. The person is very hardworking. Marital happiness remains, the partnership gives benefits, and daily income increases. If Jupiter is strong in the person's birth chart, then such a person earns a lot of money.


Jupiter in 12th House Scorpio Ascendant


There is always some tension. The health of the mother and son of the native may deteriorate. The mind remains troubled. The person gets into trouble with the mother and does not get the happiness of a house, vehicle, and land. Native has to face court cases for an ancestral property. The fear of accidents remains. In the Mahadasha of the Guru, unnecessary expenditure remains. There are obstacles in every work.


Jupiter gives good and bad results in Scorpio ascendant. The results are obtained on the basis of the position of the planets in Scorpio ascendant. Talk to Astrologer to know about the remedies to remove the bad effects of Jupiter in Scorpio ascendant.

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