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Jupiter in Aries Ascendant

Jupiter in Aries Ascendant

In Aries Ascendant Kundli, Dev Guru Jupiter is the ninth lord, twelfth. The original zodiac sign of Dev Guru comes in the triangle of the horoscope of Dev Ascendant. Therefore, Jupiter is a karaka planet in this Lagna Kundli. In such a situation, the house in which Jupiter is situated, and the house with which the vision makes a relation, affects the fruits related to those houses in a positive way and increases the fruits. In the horoscope of Aries ascendant, if Jupiter is strong and is in a benefic position, then more auspicious results are obtained. In this ascendant horoscope, if Jupiter is not strong in degree, then its auspicious results decrease. By going to the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses of the Kundali, the Yogakaraka planets also almost lose their auspiciousness and are bound to give inauspicious results.


Jupiter in all 12 Houses for Aries Ascendant



Jupiter in 1st House Aries Ascendant


In Aries, Jupiter gets direction. If there is a Jupiter in the Ascendant, then the person is paternalistic, faithful, and intelligent. In the Mahadasha of Jupiter, health remains good, the sum of getting a son is formed, and suddenly benefits are received and respect is received in the society. Married life remains happy, there is benefit in partnership work, and there are foreign trips.


Jupiter in 2nd House Aries Ascendant


Such a person gets the full support of wealth and family. There is a sweet voice. They overcome all difficulties with their energy, influence, speech, and decision ability. The competition wins. The person attains a high position. This position of Jupiter increases the fortune of a person and they also get many benefits from their father.


Jupiter in 3rd House Aries Ascendant


The person is very hardworking. The fate of the natives favors them. The younger brother's yoga is formed. Patriarch is of religious nature. Married life is happy, there is a benefit to partnership work. They get the support of elder brothers and sisters. As a result of the Jupiter vision, a person gets many types of things in life very easily.


Jupiter in 4th House Aries Ascendant


Due to the exaltation of Jupiter in the fourth house, the person gets complete happiness in land, house, vehicle, and mother. The work is also in good condition. There is a possibility of foreign settlement. The native had a lot of affection for their mother. Able to remove blockages.


Jupiter in 5th House Aries Ascendant


The birth of a child is formed. Suddenly there is a situation of profit. Relations with the elder siblings of the native remain very cordial. The person is romantic. The person is very intelligent and religious in nature. This position of Jupiter makes a person a scholar. The children of such persons are respected in a good position. Aries people are the decision-makers themselves.


Jupiter in 6th House Aries Ascendant


If Mars is strong and benefic, then Vipreet Raja Yoga is formed and Jupiter gives auspicious results. On the contrary, if the Vipreet Raja Yoga is not made, then there is a cost in the court case and hospital. The fear of accidents remains. Professional life gets worse. Family support is not available.


Jupiter in 7th House Aries Ascendant


The spouse of the native is intelligent. The person can get profit from business and from a life partner. The person gets benefits from the partners. There is a benefit from elder siblings. The person is very hardworking. After the marriage of the person, there will be an increase in business and fortune.


Jupiter in 8th House Aries Ascendant


Due to the placement of Jupiter in the eighth house, there is a hindrance in all the work of the native. Tension remains in the Mahadasha of Jupiter. Wisdom does not support it. Relations with the father are bad, wasteful expenses are incurred, and family support is not available. There is a lack of amenities.


Jupiter in 9th House Aries Ascendant


In the ninth house of Aries ascendant, Jupiter becomes self-signed, due to which makes a person very fortunate and godly. Such people achieve many achievements in life by their luck, as well as get many types of happiness from their fathers. travels abroad.


Jupiter in 10th House Aries Ascendant


The person does not get the happiness of land, house, or vehicle due to the debilitated Jupiter. There is a decrease in the happiness of the mother of the native. The work comes on the verge of closure. The family does not support it, there is a lack of money. They have to face defeat in the competition. The fear of accidents remains.


Jupiter in 11th House Aries Ascendant


In the eleventh house of Aries ascendant, Jupiter is situated on the sign of its enemy Saturn. As a result of this, a person earns money from his luck and doing work related to Jupiter, but he will definitely have to face difficulties. The native gets the affection of elder brothers and sisters. They make the decision-making power of the person excellent, as well as there are no obstacles in the study of such a person.


Jupiter in 12th House Aries Ascendant


In the twelfth house of Aries ascendant, Jupiter is situated on its own zodiac. Such persons benefit from being abroad and if they do work-related abroad, then their luck also supports them in abundance. A person defeats his enemies very easily. The chances of a person benefiting from old things increase, as well as their life are also long.


In Aries ascendant, Jupiter is the lord of the ninth and twelfth house. Due to his native triangle sign Sagittarius falling in the ninth house, it becomes the causative planet for the Aries ascendant and gives many good results to the person. Talk to Astrologer to know about the remedies to remove the negative effect of Jupiter in Aries ascendant.

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