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Jupiter in Aquarius ascendant

Jupiter in Aquarius ascendant

Many astrologers do not consider Aquarius ascendant as good. The reason for this is that the zodiac sign established by Shani is in the ascendant. Saturn is the cause of sorrow and obstruction. That is why there are many such occasions in the life of the people of Capricorn and Aquarius ascendant when they find themselves alone due to great sorrow and anguish. Such a situation also comes more than once in life when no one believes their words.


Jupiter in all 12 Houses for Aquarius Ascendant 


Jupiter in 1st House Aquarius  Ascendant


With the arrival of Jupiter in the first house, the person becomes knowledgeable and intelligent. In the Mahadasha of Jupiter, the sum of getting a son is formed, the married life remains happy, and the work of partnership creates the sum of profit. The luck of the native favors. Such a person is a paternal devotee, traveling abroad.


Jupiter in 2nd House Aquarius  Ascendant


If Jupiter is situated in the second house, then the person gets the full support of the family. In the Mahadasha of Jupiter, money enters the family of the native. Competition and court cases are won, all obstacles are removed only by the power of intelligence, and there is progress in professional life.


Jupiter in 3rd House Aquarius  Ascendant


Such a person has a special attachment to their brothers and sisters. Even after hard work in the Mahadasha of Jupiter, the luck of the native rarely favors them. The younger brother's yoga is formed. There are problems in married life and partnership. The person cannot be religious. Along with elder siblings, there are chances of estrangement with the father also, there is a decrease in the potential profit.


Jupiter in 4th House Aquarius  Ascendant


By having Jupiter in the fourth house, the person gets complete happiness in land, house, vehicle, and mother. Obstacles are easily removed. Progress is made in the field of work. There are foreign trips, there is also a possibility of foreign settlement. If the native has any disease then they get cured.


Jupiter in 5th House Aquarius  Ascendant


The intellect of such a person is very sharp. In the Mahadasha of Jupiter, the sum of getting a son is formed. The health of the natives remains good. There is sweetness in relations with father and elder brother and sister, there is a possibility of getting benefits. The mind of the person remains calm.


Jupiter in 6th House Aquarius  Ascendant


Such a person has to deal with a lack of money. The health of a family member or elder brother remains poor. The court case, hospital cost. The fear of accidents remains.  The profession comes to a standstill. There is some tension or the other in the Mahadasha of Jupiter. The health of a family member is poor, the family has problems. Family support is not obtained and the sum of foreign settlement is also formed.


Jupiter in 7th House Aquarius  Ascendant


The married life of the native remains happy, and businesses and partners will make a profit. The relationship with the elder brother and sister of the person remains good, benefits are received. The person is hardworking and religious in nature.


Jupiter in 8th House Aquarius  Ascendant


Due to the placement of Jupiter in the eighth house, the health of a family member may remain poor. There is a hindrance in the work of the native. Extravagant expenses keep happening. The native does not get the support of the family to move ahead in any field, and there is a lot of loss of money. There is also bitterness in the relations with the family members of the native. It is also possible to stay away from the native's house.


Jupiter in 9th House Aquarius  Ascendant


The person gets higher education, and health remains good. The person may have to travel for business and gets benefit from those trips, is attached to younger siblings, and in the Mahadasha of Jupiter, the sum of getting a child is formed.


Jupiter in 10th House Aquarius  Ascendant


In the Mahadasha of Jupiter, the profession of the person is in good condition. The person gets the full support of wealth and family in life. The native gets all kinds of comforts. The native is successful in the competition. The native may have to travel for business many times.


Jupiter in 11th House Aquarius  Ascendant


In the Mahadasha of Jupiter, relations with elder and younger brothers and sisters remain good, benefits are received. The birth of a child is formed in the Kundali of the person. The person is very hardworking. There is sweetness in married life, there is a benefit from the partnership, and there is an increase in daily income.


Jupiter in 12th House Aquarius  Ascendant


There is always some tension in the life of the person. The health of the family members of the native may deteriorate. The mind of the native remains troubled. The person does not get the pleasure of a house, vehicle, or land. The person has to spend in the hospital due to the illness of their spouse. The fear of accidents remains. In the Mahadasha of Jupiter, unnecessary expenditure remains.


In Aquarius ascendant, Jupiter gives different results in all the houses of the native's horoscope. Talk to Astrologer to know about the remedies to remove the negative effect of Jupiter in Aquarius Ascendant.

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