July Leo vs August Leo

July Leo vs August Leo

The sun sign of the birth of any person born between July 23 to August 22 is Leo. These people may share some of the core qualities of a Leo, but there are major differences in the way they communicate, conduct relationships, process emotions, express themselves, and take action on things. The Sun travels about one degree per day during each month of the zodiac, this means that all July Leos are first decan Leos, while most Leos born in August are either second or third-decan Leos.

July vs August Leo 

The ruling planet of Leo is the Sun, but most Leo people born during August are either second or third-decade Leos. Leo born in July has secondary co-ruling planets affecting the way their Leo energy shines through. Because First Decan Leo is completely ruled by the Sun, they generally take on the most unadulterated qualities. All of the strengths and weaknesses typically associated with July Leo's energy will appear more prominently and clearly such as drama, creativity, confidence, courage, and a strong craving for attention.

Most of the Leos born during August are second or third decan Leos. August Leo is co-ruled by Jupiter or Mars. These two planets bring a more spirited and temperamental nature to Leo's royal energy. So if you're an August Leo, you may find yourself taking a stronger stance on things or getting into philosophical debates with friends more often than July Leos. 

July Leo vs August Leo Personality

As the Sun-ruled zodiac, all Leos love to take the spotlight and no one can charm a crowd like a July Leo. As July Leos are blessed with the strongest dose of the Sun's astrological heat, they naturally cannot live without attracting the attention of glamorous and charismatic people. The July Leo can sometimes make them a little more obsessed with their own reflection, so it's important for these Lions to stay humble.

Leo is one of the fixed signs, which means that Leos are good at supernatural things and have a strong work ethic. But most August Leos have Jupiter and Mars as additional planetary influences, so these Leos tend to have a wilder spontaneous streak than their July Born counterparts. All Leos are fairly stable when it comes to making decisions, with most August Born Leos having a tendency to follow their impulses and make moves all at once.

July Leo Personality

July Leos are ruled by the purely life-giving Sun, which furthers a natural desire to express oneself through creativity. All July Leos are driven by their passions and need to shape their self-expression, making them talented artists who are also dedicated to their passions, but July Leos find themselves in art and found in music.

August Leo Personality

All Leos are known for their courage and confidence, but August born Leos are also more ambitious and impulsive than July Leos. This is because August is co-ruled by Mars, which is all about taking action and conquering goals and gives it an edge when it comes to leadership skills. August Leo people have a strong desire to take initiative.


July Leo people have a strong sense of justice and fairness. They expect others to adhere to the same standards that they do and can become frustrated and angry when they see people flouting or ignoring those standards. When they perceive injustice, they often react with strong, sometimes irrational, emotions. They feel a deep sense of loyalty and love for their friends and family. If they feel that someone is threatening or hurting those around them, Leo will react with furious anger and aggression in order to protect those they care about. August Leo People of the zodiac are generally quite ambitious. They set high goals for themselves and get easily upset when those goals are not met. If the Leo person does not make the progress they were hoping for, this can lead to frustration and, in turn, anger. Talk to astrology to know more about July Leo and August Leo.

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