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January Aquarius vs February Aquarius

January Aquarius vs February Aquarius

The January Aquarius and the February Aquarius will be two completely different people. The apparent difference between January Kumbh and February Kumbh has some real basis in astrology. Almost all people born between January 20 and February 18 are Aquarius. All Aquarius people share some core traits, but depending on their exact birth description, the way they communicate, conduct relationships, pursue their goals, and express their feelings, they can have major differences. January Aquarians are first decan Aquarians while all February Aquarians are second or third decan.

January vs February Aquarius

Aquarius is ruled by Rahu and Saturn, the planet of unexpected changes. Most January Aquarians are ruled only by this strange planet. However, the second and third decans of Aquarius each have a secondary planet that affects the way they express their Aquarius energy. January Born Aquarius are completely ruled by Rahu, they usually have the most textbook Aquarius qualities like whimsical, unpredictable, and totally one-of-a-kind idiosyncrasies that set them apart from the crowd.

As one of the air signs, Aquarius are naturally communicative people who love to express their thoughts and connect. After all, Aquarius is all about friendship! But as most February Aquarians are co-ruled by either communication planet Mercury or relationship planet Venus, they tend to be more social, and partnership-oriented, than your average Water-bearer. All Aquarians love to be surrounded by an engaging community, but those born in February gravitate toward face-to-face interactions and foster more intimate relationships.

January Aquarius vs February Aquarius Personality

Aquarius are naturally Born rebels who live life marching to their own unique drum. But no one is quite as ready to let their freak flag fly as freely as the January Aquarius. As January Aquarius who are blessed with the greatest amount of Rahu's weird and revolutionary vibes, these unconventional people can't help but challenge the status quo and laugh in the face of tradition. They don't like being told what to do and like to stray from the mainstream, even if it means inventing an entirely new way of doing things.

As a fixed air sign, Aquarius' talents lie in pushing ideas forward and building relationships between groups of people. While they certainly aren't afraid to be unconventional, they can also be stubborn and self-righteous about what they want. February Aquarians are co-ruled by the mutable planet Mercury, they tend to be more flexible and open-minded about things. This quick-witted planet has a sharp tongue and can think on its toes, so these February Born Aquarius better be able to walk away without a fight.

January Aquarius Personality

Aquarius is the most forward-thinking of the group, a person born under this sign is likely to be a non-conformist with lots of ideas. January Aquarius is ruled by a completely new planet, Rahu, they are arguably the most unpredictable. These creative people like to keep things fresh and funky, and they're always focused on their out-of-the-box vision of the future, which means they're going to make some kind of impromptu decision or wildly brilliant idea. They are going to share next.

February Aquarius Personality

Aquarius has a reputation for being the quietest, most laid-back of the bunch. Their outlook on life helps them to see situations clearly and make logical plans, but this can sometimes prevent them from listening to their heart. For February Aquarians co-ruled by the romantic planet Venus, it feels a little more natural to be emotionally open and in touch with their feelings. February Aquarius usually find it easy to be vulnerable and embrace their sensitive sides.


The personality of the people of January Aquarius is attractive. People of this zodiac are very intelligent. Their logical power is very high. They believe in keeping friendships with intelligent people. It is not their habit to walk sheepishly, the people of Aquarius do not tolerate interference in their work. The people of February Aquarius are more lost in the world of dreams. However, even in a group, they emerge as good companions. In the matter of love, they seem a little impatient and imaginative. The more love they do for their partner, the more love they want in return. Talk to astrology to know more about January Aquarius and February Aquarius.

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