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Gemini Sun Gemini Rising

Gemini Sun Gemini Rising

This double dose of Gemini means you can't sit still and be happy only when you're busy. You are very smart, have an inquisitive mind, and use these qualities to get ahead in life. You are intelligent, friendly, receptive, and well-versed with people. But you love to have a good time and your rich imagination is always on the lookout for novelty. Most of you love communication. Others note that you are extremely energetic and often wonder how you maintain youth and freshness of perception.

Your luck is very changeable and basically depends on the opposite sex, love will bring many problems. You're either very rich or very poor. If you have a brother then he will be very successful in life. Your love for risk and tendency to happily accept any challenge that comes into your life will make it inevitably eventful.

Gemini Sun Gemini Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, Gemini Sun Gemini Rising is definitely a powerful mix not to be messed with! This is a very visionary and creative combination. Their intelligence is second to none, and these people are truly talented. Your influencing skills and social intelligence serve you well and provide you with lots of interesting opportunities throughout your life. This configuration is very intuitive, which can be a disadvantage as they sometimes react to things without thinking them through properly. Here's a piece of advice for you, take your time to think things over.

Gemini Sun Gemini Rising Woman

Gemini Sun The Gemini rising woman looks everywhere for gold or steel, but mostly finds only trinkets; But they also know how to do it, tell, embellish. Since the whole world around them is interesting, they can be in three meetings at the same time, and the devil knows how they do it: at the right time, they are on what they need.

They are completely capable of adapting and everywhere they find acquaintances who show them new paths. Their eyes are always moving, but not because of inner anxiety, but because they do not want to let anything out of sight. They say so many things that they can make a person sick, but then they talk about his illness.

Gemini Sun Gemini Rising Man

The character of a man with the Sun in Gemini and rising in Gemini is lively, lively, nervous, clever, and developed. They need someone to talk to all the time; They often give more importance to their mind. By following these, the lack of education can be filled quickly.

They can become indispensable because of their knowledge of where, why, and what is happening. He has a clever sense of humor that always gets a reaction. They explore the world of journalism, they always find a way to make a contract, and they know how to find out secrets. Others soon begin to see friends in them but are just as quickly left without them.

Gemini Sun and Gemini Rising Compatibility

In terms of hearts, it is the Air and Fire signs that will attract this person's attention! Partners will understand this Gemini person perfectly, while Libra will bring a lot of romance into their lives. Aquarius people will stimulate their minds, while Leo people will bring them lots of entertainment and excitement. Their seventh house is ruled by Sagittarius, and they will be extremely influenced by philosophical and independent Sagittarians who will make wonderful travel partners.

Taurus and Cancer will make good friends, as will Pisces who will understand their need for fluid movement and ideas. Scorpios may have too intense an energy for this person, and these two may not see eye to eye, although sparks may fly in the beginning of romance, because they are so different from each other. Virgo is also ruled by Mercury and will be able to relate to this person, while Capricorn will be a good "grounding" energy for them, but can be too dominant and controlling for their liking.

Gemini Sun Gemini Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, You are a wanderer by nature and may marry twice or have two or three novels one after the other. Marriage will be based on the attraction of the mind, not the body, and the ideal partner for you will be an intellectual who can appreciate your crazy ideas. Sex is secondary to your need for understanding. But no one can trust that he will be able to tie your hands and legs and make you sit in one place. Your love relationships give rise to many mysteries and cause many troubles. One of the novels will take place abroad or with a foreigner. Representatives of the opposite sex should understand that although you cannot resist flirting, everything you do is an exercise for your mind, and it is unlikely that it will end in bed.

As a dual air sign, your emotional path is sometimes complicated. Thus, in love with freedom, you have great difficulty committing yourself to a relationship, and you often prefer to be on adventures and in meetings. Additionally, your fear of suffering or being shut down makes you run from love. In a relationship, you are communicative, expansive, and witty, thus, you always know how to set the tone. Boredom, habits, and everyday life scare you and you need to give your relationship a social dimension. Although marriage is not your cup of tea, you are not averse to starting a family. To make a relationship last, you need to feel independent as well as confident enough. So it's all a question of dosage!

Gemini Sun Gemini Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, You are probably very nervous, and this will definitely affect your health. You need moderate nutrition, rest, and exercise. You may suffer from poisoning, gallbladder disease, fever, and lung disease, especially if you have dark hair. Accidents may happen to you, but you will always be saved, even at the last moment. If you work wisely, your health will be good, but avoid excessive hard work.

Gemini Sun Gemini Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, You are fortunate that you will be successful in almost any field of activity you choose. The problem is what kind of work to choose. Often you use your incredible adaptability to hold several classes at once and are perfectly happy when switching from one to another. As a freelancer working under contract, you must have a good job. You can also expect success in the field of literature, science, or art or in travel.

You are inventive and original, possess competence in the fields of jurisprudence, and business, and are adept in the art of negotiation. You are capable of leading without favoritism and adopting a respectful attitude toward your subordinates and will be able to manage well with your balanced and strong will. At the beginning of your career, you may have problems with lawyers, and due to lack of determination you end up "sitting on two chairs." Most likely, you will receive an inheritance, which, however, can bring troubles.


You are a real icebreaker: aloof, inattentive to others, and incapable of empathy. Absolutely unbelievable, you always take on obligations that you cannot fulfill. You are selfish, fair, and superficial. One of your main talents is the talent of taking, although you never think of giving anything in return. You have a bad memory: you constantly change your decisions and then forget what you want from the beginning. You can be heartless, calculating, and extremely sarcastic, attacking some unfortunate victim with your sharp tongue. You might think that the constant pursuit of the unattainable makes you an interesting person, but it doesn't. When the time comes for love, love the traveler. So your paths will hardly cross each other: you will not get tired of it, and he will not know how true you are. If you want to know more about Gemini Sun Gemini rising then talk to astrology.

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