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Cancer Sun Leo Rising

Cancer Sun Leo Rising

Cancer Sun Leo Rising loves drama and mysteries and is quite capable of creating them themselves, using the most trivial situations to weave a web of intrigue around themselves. It is quite clear that this can be a dangerous thing - one day an unsuitable person will come to you to train your talents in this area, and then a defamation case can be brought against you. This will be beneficial for you. You believe that your tendency to embellish and exaggerate is simply a blessing to everyone, but you, in turn, hate talking about yourself and your life. Could it be that while discussing others, you will feel intimidated when they start discussing you?

It's hard for you to share your hopes and feelings with others, so people who love you think it's almost impossible for you to understand. When they fail to understand you, you sink into an abyss of regrets, and loneliness and feel that you have been neglected. Why don't you just express yourself and tell us what you don't like? People can't know what you're not telling them.

Cancer Sun Leo Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, fire meets water in this example, and it makes for a fascinating mix of characters. As a Cancer, you may be outspoken and direct, but the Leo Rising adds a certain sensitivity to your personality. Extra sensitivity means you are versatile and able to interact successfully with all types of personalities. You are easy-going, gentle, and very charismatic. When it comes to love and relationships, you know exactly what to do and you always have good advice for others, too.

Sheer determination is the most extraordinary quality in a Cancer Sun Leo Rising alliance. You are a winner and will leave no stone unturned to succeed in your professional life. The Cancer Sun is rising in Leo, although you are emotional, you are quite rational, and you will aspire to stability. Along with marriage, the idea of children is also very important to you, which is why you don't take yourself lightly, and you need to be completely confident in taking steps. Thus, you may sometimes be too demanding or too selective in your search for love. In a relationship, you are attentive, demonstrative, bright, and lively. Ruled by the Moon and Sun, you have a great capacity to love and when you give, you can sometimes feel suffocated. Whatever the case, your partner is unlikely to get bored of you.

Cancer Sun Leo Rising Woman

Cancer Sun Leo rising women are proud, noble, generous, kind, and gentle, it happens that these wonderful qualities are not visible to the naked eye. The Sun's position in your sign forces you to keep its light under a hood, not out of modesty, but out of privacy. You may be a wonderful, honest friend who suddenly becomes isolated from your friends for no reason and leaves everyone confused. You know this secret of secrecy yourself and do not like to spread it about yourself.

You need to retire sometimes, and you may find that it has the most beneficial effects on you. People who understand you will accept this, but don't be surprised when your behavior confuses strangers or people who know you superficially. You are fair, blessed with many talents, and can be trusted. You are a self-controlled and autocratic person, you are impervious to pettiness, and you love everything bright and beautiful. You are quick-tempered, but quick-tempered and not inclined to take revenge, generously forgiving the offender.

Cancer Sun Leo Rising Man

The character of a man with Sun in Cancer and Rising in Leo covers inner sensitivity and resentment with an outwardly confident demeanor that always makes an impression. They want to represent themselves in life, but they never know whether they get it or not. They are confident in themselves, but they don't feel like they haven't protected themselves enough. They seem completely wide open, and they like to stay that way, But actually, they are afraid of it.

The tension that arises between the core of life and the way to establish oneself among others should not be underestimated. Very few people make so many "Freud mistakes", which, incidentally, do not indicate any mental illness. Cancer Sun Leo Rising has an extraordinary memory and is able to use it at the right time, which is an important weapon in the struggle of life.

Cancer Sun and Leo Rising Compatibility

A Cancer Sun and Leo rising person is very passionate about love and wants a relationship full of fun and generosity. They also want a family full of children. Aquarius rules the 7th house of relationships, marriage, and love, so they are attracted to people who are extremely friendly and able to take their lives and lifestyles to a much higher level. They will generally date people who can make their lives better. They are attracted to Cancer and Leo and get along well with Gemini and Virgo. Aquarius has a magnetic attraction to people of the zodiac sign, especially those with Venus and/or Mars in Pisces and/or Aries, and they enjoy the company of Pisces and Aries. They find Sagittarius to be very adventurous and Libra to be curious, and they certainly enjoy their natural physical beauty. Scorpio people have a lot of sexual excitement.

Cancer Sun Leo Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, people are attracted to your kindness and cordiality. Even the worst enemy may have nothing to say against you and may have to admit that you are exceptionally generous. In an intimate relationship, you can be faithful but not out of duty. In love, you are very generous and can sacrifice everything, your attachments and possessions. You may not be emotional, but always be expansive and cordial. You try to do well in whatever you do and hence you also want to be loved sincerely.

Your father means a lot in your life, and it is possible that many vicissitudes of fate have fallen upon him. It seems that you will marry twice and have children from both spouses. You will have many children, the first child will require a lot of care in infancy. If your spouse is an Aquarius, you may have twins. As they grow up the differences between them will become apparent.

Cancer Sun Leo Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, your body is very strong and you recover quickly after illness. Yet, despite your tremendous energy, you may be overtaxing your heart and back. Other organs that should be paid attention to are the throat and the reproductive organs. You may also be at risk of arthritis. You generally keep a close eye on your health and you should be just fine with that.

Cancer Sun Leo Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you trust people completely and want to be trusted in the same way. You will do everything you can to be worthy of the trust you have been given. You like responsibility and power and you get your work done on your own. Women with good reputations can help you. Your numerous abilities will be best used in the field of fine arts or in work in public institutions.

Traveling around your country may bring you well-being, and will be a profitable business that will require many trips. You may be successful in behind-the-scenes work, but no matter what field you succeed in, you will always have an artistic passion. This tendency of your character must find its expression; Luckily, you can combine your passion and profession.


As an emotional person, you don't like monotony, and you shy away from conflict situations. Thus, you need action, variety, and challenges. Your situations and decisions are often unexpected as well as surprising. Although you may be a little slow to get to work, once you get going there's no stopping you. You are quite versatile as a good executor as well as a leader, hence, your career path often takes unexpected turns. If you want to know more about Cancer Sun Leo rising then talk to astrology.

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