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9 Ways to Create Good Karma

9 Ways to Create Good Karma

Sometimes we feel as if we have no control over what happens to us as if a higher power is at work to punish or reward our attitudes. Some days everything seems against you and your only wish is for luck to spare you a little bit.

Others, on the contrary, events seem to smile at you, follow each other for the better and make your daily life infinitely more enjoyable. No, it's not because of coincidence or planetary alignment, but because of your perspective! If you want life to smile at you, you need to work at it. Here are some ways to create good karma around you.


Respect Your Values


Our values are deeply rooted in us, created by education and experience. To be in harmony with yourself, it is necessary to use it as an inspiration for all your actions, and working in harmony with your values is the best way to attract chaotic karma!

If you're passionate about ecology, homelessness issues, animal causes, or whatever else: Get involved in these causes. Embrace a different lifestyle, contribute, or volunteer.


Ban Resentment and Remorse


We all have moments that we relive over and over again, things we love to do, say or not… So what?

You are missing out on so many great things by getting stuck in the past. In other words, you keep making mistakes you regret, not so smart! One more thing: learn to forgive.

Yes, sometimes it's hard and it requires putting your self-respect in the closet, but by erasing people from your life for every wrong move, you quickly find yourself alone. So measure the damage you have done and when possible, try to draw a line over the past to start again on good grounds.


Leave Your Preconceptions and Prejudices


Don't let your bad mood or preconceptions get in the way of your chances. If you want karma to start taking an interest in your younger self, give it a chance to do the same: open up to the world and take a fresh look at social interactions.


Adopt A Positive Attitude


While smiling is an automatic process when we are happy, the opposite is also true: when we smile, our brain produces happiness hormones. So force yourself to look on the bright side of life, even when things are bad.

Small everyday problems can turn into opportunities depending on your idea, into challenges that once overcome will make your life better! Be the inspirer, entrepreneur, and actor of your drama.

Do not let your life passively unfold before your eyes, take a bite of it to enjoy all its tastes. This attracts all the positive energies around you.


Be Honest With Yourself and Others


If you are constantly in internal conflict, you will not get anything done. So a prerequisite for attracting positive waves is not to hide your face. Objectively identify your strengths, your shortcomings, and your mistakes and use them as strengths.

Be honest with others as well. Be careful, showing kindness doesn't mean being a hypocrite and characterless: your candor will be appreciated and rewarded.


Share Without Waiting in Return


The studies are conclusive: Giving elicits more happiness in humans than receiving. So be not selfish and as we usually say, it is more the intention that counts, not the need to spend millions.

Giving a gift of a ridiculous price spontaneously, if it suits the person perfectly, is the best way to brighten up their day. Also, sharing doesn't mean ridding yourself of material goods.

Sometimes, the best way to be generous is to share your time, wisdom, or offbeat humor. So integrate courtesies and unsolicited services into your daily life as much as possible.

Finally, think about those who have done the same for you: Show gratitude and appreciation to those who have opened doors or supported you in such and such an area.


Don't Hide Your Feelings


I could have almost covered this in the previous section but I prefer to mark the occasion. Never be ashamed of who you feel to be who you are. Expressing sadness, disappointment, happiness or love is very healthy.

Showing your affection, whether verbally or physically, makes you a confident person. Hugging someone spontaneously is far better than internalizing your feelings.


Treat Others Well


Living in good company can be learned. This especially goes through free compliments. You love a friend, the work of a successful craftsman, or the kindness of an admirable waiter... why not tell them?

Don't force yourself, it's not about being hypocritical, it's about sharing your positive thoughts with those who are responsible for them. Similarly, avoid criticizing others.

Constructive criticism is of course a good thing, but astrology says here about unnecessary devaluing, whether done face-to-face or behind people's backs... Nothing is worse than these practices for Karma.




Ask "Are you okay?" every day without waiting for an answer, this is wrong politics, nothing more and nothing less. Take a genuine interest in people, in their lives, in what they tell you, and try to remember it.

Isn't it annoying to start from scratch with someone because they can never remember previous conversations?

So try applying this rule and you'll realize how much we cut people down and only hear fragments of their stories.




That's why creating good deeds around you doesn't happen overnight! As you may have noticed, there are two essential steps. First, the search for inner peace. Only by accepting your past and smiling in the present will you find your harmony. Only then will you be able to work on your way of interacting with others. Finally, don't forget, karma etymologically means "action". We often mistakenly think that it is some kind of uncontrollable luck but it is not: it is up to you to act! if you want to know more about this, you can take help from online astrology consultation.

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