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Virgo Today


15 May, 2021


Positive: You might have to work really hard today but it is a positive day for you irrespective of whether you get really exhausted l or not. You will have to work today no matter how tired and fatigued you feel. Try to meditate in the morning itself and eat food that provides you with a lot of energy.

Negative: You might get really exhausted and feel satisfied today with what you have and where you are in life which might be a negative thing for your work and your productivity but it won’t cause any major loss hence you need not worry today.

Lucky Color: Orange

Lucky Number: 7

Love: You will be doubtful about your partner’s contributions and intentions towards you. You will have to be focused on doing your own thing irrespective of whether your partner contributes to your life or not. Make sure you are your own best friends today.

Business: You have been finding it difficult to make everyone happy, as either, your clients are unhappy with your employees or it is the other way round. You will have to instruct your clients to get the work done politely.

Health: Excess of work will keep you occupied today, but despite this, you will have to take time for yourself and try to improve your health. If you feel that your thoughts are disturbing your mental peace, consult a psychologist.