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Virgo Horoscope Today


9 December, 2023




Positive- Ganesha says that the time is favorable. You will get a solution to any dilemma going on in your mind. And you will feel amazing confidence in yourself. In search of peace, you may also consider going to a religious place.


Negative- Students and youth need to pay more attention to their studies and careers. Do not waste time on fun. Be careful during any conversation as any negative thing can spoil mutual relations.


Business- You may have to face some difficulties in the tasks that you thought were easy and simple at the workplace. Maintain cordial relations with colleagues and employees. Some new contracts will be received. People employed in government jobs will be able to complete their work efficiently.


Love- Along with work, spend some time with family also. Do take some time for fun and entertainment also.


Health- Include local things in your diet. You will be troubled due to the problem of cough and phlegm.


Lucky color- pink

Lucky number- 9